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If I ask you what makes a wedding special, what would you say? For some people, it’s the pretty wedding decor, dazzling outfits or our rituals! But I think it’s the cute-sweet little moments that add to the charm of a wedding. While scrolling through Instagram’s feed, we came across so many cute and funny reels which make the weddings more memorable. We chose our favourite reels for you all. Lay back and get ready. Some will make you laugh, and some might bring out happy tears. Without any further ado, let’s see some cute & funny reels that are trending on Instagram.

Cute & Funny Reels That We Spotted on Instagram

1. Brides, we know the struggle is real! 

2. This groom surprised his bride with a piano cover of her favourite song!

3. Pure joy of getting married to your best friend

4. We are praying for the groom 😂

5. If you are stealing from your bride's plate, make sure you feed her with your hands!

6. This little munchkin is so CUTE!

7. Guys! Take Some Lessons from this Groom

8. The bride made her parents emotional with her dance performance

9. The bride matched her wedding outfits with her dog, how sweet! 

10. Because the priority is FOOD, always!

11. When they take "You stole my heart" very seriously!

12. We all know someone who'll be a bride like this 😂

13. Helping your other half...

14. When it's 4 am and the wedding is still going on! 

15. Share this with your bridezilla friend!

16. Challenging gender norms together!

17. When your girlfriends can't wait to get rid of you! 😂

18. Mother of the bride made everyone emotional! 

19. Pro tip: Never tell your mom the price of a Sabyasachi lehenga

20. Haldi with beer? That's what friends are for! 

21. This is for the single people who attend weddings for Food

22. The bride asks ladkiwale to cry during bidaai

23. The office fans? Assemble!

24. The bride dedicated this beautiful dance to her parents

25. She incorporated her dog's photo in the bridal mehndi

26. We also want a Baraat like this 🤩

27. They played rock paper scissors to decide who will put varmala first

28. Behind the scenes of photography sessions

29. We are loving this groom and his mother in law's equation!

30. Friends giving the final warning before the wedding

31. When you ask your guy friends to prepare a dance

32. Brother of the bride surprised his sister! 

33. Brb, crying! These influener bride entered the aisle with her father 

34. Tom and Jerry Love! 

35. Look how this bride helps the groom to get ready!

36. The ladkiwale seeing the bride for the first time

37. The bride gets down on one knee with a ring

38. Groom and his mother dancing for the bride

39. Another emotional dance performance by the bride

40. When the lehenga can't fit in the car

41. Brother's reaction after seeing his sister as a bride

42. What's the point of getting engaged when you can't flaunt the ring

43. The energy in this video is immaculate

44. Look how the bridesmaids are bargaining for the joota churai ceremony

45. This groom enters like Akbar and we LOVE it!

46. Alexa? Where can I find a filmy guy like him? 🥺


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45+ Cute & Funny Videos From Indian Weddings Trending on Instagram

by Rashmi Jayara

45+ Cute & Funny Videos From Indian Weddings Trending on Instagram