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Ah, solitaires! Every woman’s love and every bride’s engagement dream. 

Candidly speaking, how much would any of you give to customize a solitaire engagement ring from a premium brand that plays cupid with Hearts and Arrows on each of its diamonds-  all while chilling in the comfort of your homes?

Yes, it almost sounds like a joke when told. Yet again, it also sounds like a possibility, given the current scenario and the growth of almost all business’ online. But today, it’s not just about buying any kind of engagement ring for yourself. It’s about getting yourself a glittering engagement ring that oozes elegance and love.

And that is a solitaire engagement ring!

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Solitaires feel like the right kind of trinket that can help express love and affection between a couple.

The upside of which are many, including the fact that they make every bride look fabulous. Now we, at ShaadiSaga, are true hopeless romantics. So when we witness a bride and groom gushing over each other, exchanging everlasting symbols of love- we swoon. 

Regardless, buying the right kind of diamond for an engagement ring can get a bit complicated. So, to make it easier for our bridal birdies, we’re here with our favourite brand, Divine Solitaires, to help you pick the right kind of solitaire engagement ring online!

Stunning Customised Solitaire Engagement Rings For Brides

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We can easily bet a million bucks on the fact that if given the opportunity, every bride would want a solitaire engagement ring on her finger. After all, they’re one of the most quintessential elements of a wedding celebration. 

For many, engagement rings are the first step in saying, ‘Yes I Do’ to the love of their life. And they’re special, alright! Because when you exchange these sweet symbols of love, that moment is immortalised as the beginning of a new phase in your lives. A phase where you may not be married just yet, but your heart and soul have already committed themselves to each other. Truly, there is nothing more romantic than proposing to your beau with a solitaire studded ring. They’re sparkly and beautiful, almost like stars. And having the best diamond engagement ring at hand (pun intended!) turns it into an ageless symbol of your timeless love. 

It’s an intimately romantic notion, that’s for sure. However, every bridal dream comes with its set of challenges. 

Given the current pandemic situation, going to a diamond jewellery store to compare and comprehend the purchase of a diamond is close to impossible. Which leaves the other option that requires you to navigate the vastness of the online world.

Where Can You Buy Customised Diamond Jewellery Online? 

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To be honest, we’re all in for going out to buy your rings and do all sorts of bridal shopping. But you need to be in prime health to put a ring on it, so we suggest you opt for online shopping when it comes to buying a prime solitaire. Then again, there’s the ever so common question all brides have when it comes to buying expensive and precious gems online- ‘What about the quality and authenticity of the solitaire bought online?

Well, the answer to this problem is the amazing brand known as Divine Solitaires.

Who is ‘Divine Solitaires’?

The answer is pretty simple and straightforward.

Known to be the first Indian brand that offers high-quality loose solitaires, as well as diamond jewellery, Divine Solitaires is one of the best platforms to purchase diamond jewellery online. It functions on the policy of extreme organisation and transparency while offering exquisitely crafted solitaire diamonds to their diverse clientele. The brand also boasts a wide network of 160+ partner jewellers in 85+ cities across India that support and aspire to raise the expectation of craftsmanship quality. Furthermore, apart from store presence in India, they can also be found in Australia, New Zealand, Nepal and the United Kingdom.

Thanks to this brand, the whole idea of purchasing solitaires of excellent calibre online has become less of a pipe dream and more of a reality. Now we know that there are many factors to zero in on when you decide to buy solitaire engagement rings online. But when it comes to the top of that list, which is finding a trustworthy brand and online platform, then Divine Solitaires is your answer. The reasons for this are pretty much related to the reliability and authenticity of the product, along with the promise of high-quality delivery. That, plus the fact that the solitaires designed by this brand are engraved with a unique Hearts and Arrows pattern, making them simply remarkable objects to own. 

Yes, yes, we know. It all sounds so technical. All this talk of ‘finding high-grade quality online’ may sound over the top, but honestly speaking? We believe the quality of a product doesn’t make it expensive, it makes it priceless- much like these Divine Solitaires engagement rings. 

Why Should You Choose Divine Solitaires?

Divine Solitaires is a brand that adheres to the highest standards of artisanship and stringent quality parameters, which sets them beyond any certification from other labs. Thus, they come with their sets of qualities.

Marked with a unique Hearts and Arrows pattern, each piece of these shiny little gems are cut and created by the Ex.Ex.Ex plus cut, giving every fragment a superior quality. Another aspect that makes these diamonds so wonderful is the fact that they are checked on 123 parameters whereas the rest of the diamonds are checked only on 40 parameters. 

What Guarantee Do These Diamonds Come With?

Genuinely, finding yourself the ideal engagement ring can be a challenge in itself. You need to understand the kind of solitaire you want, and even be able to buy it from a site which is transparent in terms of pricing and quality. Thus, we recommend Divine Solitaires and their jewels when it comes to online jewellery shopping. 

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You can know diamond prices online on their website like the way people know gold prices and choose diamonds in varying price ranges based on cut, colour, clarity and carat. 

Another magnificent upside of purchasing your diamond engagement ring from Divine Solitaire’s website is that they offer insurance on diamonds. So, in case you lose your shiny rock, it’s safe to say that not all would be lost!

Similarly, their price protection instalment scheme known as PYDS, or the Plan Your Dream Solitaire, allows you to book the diamond at the prevailing price and at the time of maturity if the diamond price is higher than the time of booking, you can still pay the lower amount at which you booked the diamond. Additionally, if the price goes lower than the booking amount then you are entitled to enjoy the benefit of that lower amount!

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To be honest, the technicality of all of this sounds awesome. And it is awesome. But, what we truly wish is to see our beloved brides rocking a sparkly diamond on their fingers, granted it’s of high quality and gorgeous cut. Hence, opting for Divine Solitaires and their magnificently cut and designed diamonds is the way to go. 

So, go check out their website and get yourself a top-quality, customised solitaire ring and don’t forget to use the special promo code SSUNLOCK5 to get 5% off when you sign up!


So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy your dream engagement solitaire ring for your upcoming intimate wedding! 

Cupid for COVID: Customise Your Solitaire Engagement Ring From The Comfort Of Your Home

by Shivani Singh

Cupid for COVID: Customise Your Solitaire Engagement Ring From The Comfort Of Your Home