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Marriage as they aptly say isn't just a union of two people but a union of two different worlds, two different families and sometimes even two different cultures. When you both belong to different cultures with mutual respect and love for each other's traditions & customs, deciding upon the kind of wedding you can host isn't a tough nut to crack. It's got to be a cross-cultural one. It's got to be the one where the diversity of both cultures is celebrated in all its glory and quintessence.

Though, hosting a cross-cultural wedding while making sure that aspects of both the cultures are beautifully entwined adhering to the varied faiths, beliefs, ideologies and rituals isn't a cakewalk. It requires careful planning and every bit of attentive thought. If you're soon tying the knot in an inter-cultural wedding then scroll down below to get a hang on some essential things to keep in mind while planning a cross-cultural wedding.

Things to Keep in Mind While Planning a Cross-Cultural Wedding

1. Have culture signifying favours

Having favours that resonate or speak of your culture is a great element to incorporate when it comes to planning a cross-cultural wedding. Culturally significant favours would be a fun and appealing way to quirk up your wedding. For instance, borla maang tikkas for a Rajasthani essence, typical punjabi juttis for both men and women, leheriya or bandhani dupattas to match up the Gujarati style or souvenirs of your cultures are some great examples.

2. Have cuisines of both cultures on the menu

Spoil your guests with a taste of both the worlds by letting your food and drinks menu spread a delectable cheer. Don't skip out on your cultures' authentic cuisines and have a special spread that serves them to celebrate the uniqueness of your traditions through the love of food.

3. Get married according to each other's cultures

The wedding ceremonies of different cultures vary in terms of how they're conducted and all the rituals they involve. For instance, the Anand Karaj differs from Bengali pheras or the South Indian ones. To maintain that authenticity of both the traditions try hosting your wedding ceremony in both the ways. For that matter, the lovely couple Harman & Rajas having a Sikh-Marathi wedding, PeeCee and Nick Jonas tying the knot in both the Hindu and Civil ceremonies or our favourite DeepVeer, taking their vows in both Konkan style ceremony and Punjabi style are a few examples.

4. Have rituals & traditions of both cultures

Incorporating both the cultures' diverse ritualistic pre and post wedding ceremonies would only further add fun and exclusivity to your entire wedding. Celebrating each other's distinct wedding traditions would make this time of your life more memorable for you and all your guests as well. Including other's customs is the first step if you're wondering about how to plan a cross-cultural wedding.

5. Create a manual explaining the rituals for guests

If you're planning to incorporate the extravagance of your cultures throughout your wedding nuptials then make sure that even your guests are as much a part of that as much you and your families are. Create a customized manual for your guests that explains all the rituals and customs that would be taking place and you'd be following so that the meaning of those rituals reaches every heart present there. You can also include an explanation of all the dishes and drinks that are going to be served so that they know about the authenticity of your culture's foods.

6. Include your traditional dance performances

A glam sangeet or cocktail night is undeniable and when it comes to planning a cross-cultural wedding and one of the great ways to add that cultural edge to your revelries is by including your traditional dances. Having your parents or your squad dance to some of your traditional wedding songs or having dance groups portray your cultures is the way to go about this. It would also make up a great way to know about each other's cultures in a better way.

7. Get personalizing

If you find incorporating both the cultures in their absolute true forms getting extensive then maybe pick up bits from both the cultures and curate your own wedding style and ceremonies. Adding a personalized touch to your wedding in this way is absolutely admirable and one of the best ways to plan a cross-cultural wedding.


Let us know if these tips sorted and eased up your wedding planning process!

Having a Cross-Cultural Wedding? Don't Forget these 7 Planning Tips

by Divya Arora

Having a Cross-Cultural Wedding? Don't Forget these 7 Planning Tips