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Your wedding may be over but the memories you make on the most amazing few days of your life stay with you forever. But, wouldn’t it be fun if somehow you could just preserve those cherished days at your homes? We know, we would love it. And, that’s exactly why we have found the ultimate ways you can store some memory of the other of your wedding day and other wedding functions inside the four walls of your home. Scroll below and get inspired!

Best Ways to Display Your Wedding Memories at Home

Have a Photo Wall!

The easiest and cutest way to have your wedding memories at home is by framing the most cherished pictures from the wedding functions. Make a fun photo wall with these pictures, inside your new bedroom, and glance at those amazing pictures at least once a day!

The Wedding Invite!

Your wedding invite will always be very close to your heart cus that will be the first time you’ll see your other half and your name together on a piece of paper. Trust us, this invite will be so close to your heart that not having it kept safely at your home will be a huge mistake!

Get your Varmala Frozen

While earlier the varmala was disposed of as soon as the wedding rituals ended, in today’s time one can get their jaimala frozen and set in resin to keep it as a keepsake. Not only will it remind you of the most special day of your life but will always, always put a smile on your face!

Source Neha Ajmera

A Keepsake Box!

This is one thing that you have to do. A keepsake box should have small-small things and elements from your wedding. This can range from the cocktail umbrella, the varmala flowers, a small fabric from your outfit, your wedding invite, and whatnot.

Source Unsplash

A Photo Book/Wedding Album

One of the most classic things to have at your home as a memory can be a photo album or a photo book. We have grown up seeing photo albums so it is only natural to want your wedding album with the best pictures from the festivities. These albums will also come in super handy when all those wedding guests will come over to visit you and would want to see the wedding photos.

Messages From the Guests That You Can Later Take Home

At your wedding functions, have a message wall or a chart paper on which all your nearest and dearest ones can write adorable messages and wishes for you. Later on, when you take it home, you and your other half will have a blast reading everything!


How are you planning on having your wedding memories incorporated at your home? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

The Most Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories at Home

by Shweghna Gursahaney

The Most Creative Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories at Home