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Bridal mehndi is a time-honoured tradition. The lore says that the deeper the colour of the stain, the more successful and happier the marriage. Gen-Z is shaking things up and coming up with quirky ideas while still colouring within the lines of traditional design. Gen-Z does not gravitate towards one style or design. They like to mix it up! Maybe the bridal mehndi tells the story of how the couple got together or celebrates their passions or even just minimalist designs - we have found a cornucopia of fabulous bridal mehendi designs that are heavenly! Let's take a look!

Creative Mehndi Designs for the Gen-Z Bride!

1. Quirky Fun

quirky mehndi design with a promise, a hashtag, and French fries amongst other references to the couple! What’s not to love?

2. Jab We Met

An ode to the library where this couple met first. 

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3. Knocked Out!

The time love knocked us out, Dishoom!

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4. Blank Space Baby

Loving the use of blank space, an amazing idea for the mehndi to pop!

5. Flower Power

Loving this flowering vine creeping up the hands! Also, don't forget to bookmark these traditional floral mehendi designs for brides. 

6. What's in a Name

A popular bridal mehndi design; the name of your loved ones stained on your hands <3

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7. BTS Anyone?

This cheeky mehndi says a lot about the bride’s love for music!

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8. Foodie Fun

Fries and ice-cream- the perfect combination for the perfect couple!

9. International Romance

This mehndi design is a homage to the couple's beginning outside the country!

10. Drive Me Crazy

From the scooter dates to the wedding, this henna design covers everything!

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11. I Do

What a unique and charming idea, to have your wedding vows stained on your hands. 10/10

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White Mehndi Designs

There's an emerging demand for non-traditional mehndi or white mehndi. It does not stain as deep or last as long as traditional henna but it looks really pretty and elegant!

12. All in the Details

Simply gorgeous detailing on this sparkling white mehndi!

13. Bloomin Love

The lovely vine of flowers looks sophisticated and charming.

14. Pop Art

A stunning white mehendi design with blank space for the art to pop!

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15. Pearly Petals

A fan of delicate flowers for the big day?! Get this GORG white bridal mehendi for your D-day! 

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16. All that Glitters

This just looks so much like floral jewellery, we’re in awe!

Final Words

Gen-Z is certainly experimenting and having loads of fun with their bridal mehndi designs! We are in awe of some of these amazing creations.


Which one inspired you? Hop over to our Instagram page and let us know!

15+ Creative Mehndi Designs for the Gen-Z Brides-to-be!

by Maggie S.

15+ Creative Mehndi Designs for the Gen-Z Brides-to-be!