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The spread of Coronavirus has made us helpless but all of you staying at home and ensuring the safety of yourself and of your loved ones are commendable and that's why (pat yourself, guys!). If you are living with your family members or with your partner in this quarantine time, let us tell you how lucky you are. Many people are living alone and struggling with this pandemic without their loved ones around. So, let us just stay at home and wait for this to get over cos #thistooshallpass. Until then, we have something for you that will make your day a Happy One

We understand that sometimes, staying at home can be boring. But, honestly, it's not always the same case when you have your love life with you. Many couples are living together (married or unmarried) and ensuring that their Quarantine is a productive one and not being a couch potato. And just like them, we came across this cute couple who is helping out each other in everything that they do together at their home. Their pictures of doing daily chored together are just adorable and they are surely giving us #couplegoals. So, how about spending some quality time with your husband or wife because Stay At home, Grow In Love.

#QuarantineSpecial: A Day Into Vipra & Ram's Lives!

Be The Masterchefs

If you are active on social media, you must have realised that everybody is turning into master chefs. From dalgona coffee to homemade momos, people are experimenting with their cooking skills. If you are staying with your partner, satisfy your taste buds by making lip-smacking cuisines. Vipra and Ram are cooking pakodes and we can't get enough of their cuteness. Have a romantic date at the comfort of your home with homemade delicious food. 

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Enjoy The Scenic Beauty Of Nature 

When was the last time you saw stars in the sky? With the birds chirping, clearer sky, and clean air, we have been blessed with beautiful nature. Take out some time from your schedule and take a stroll in your rooftop in this lockdown period where you will be thankful for this beauty. Or maybe sit in your balcony to feel the fresh air. In fact, you can start doing some gardening if you want and water your plant's cos we are sure that it must have been a while since you spend time with your plants, right? 

It's Grooming Time

Ah! We know that the struggle is the real and the only thing your bae needs right now is a haircut! I am sure you must be enjoying making his tiny ponytails out of his long hair (lol!). But we all know that the first place where we are going after this lockdown is over, will be to parlour vali aunty ke pass! But that day is a little far for the time being. Until then, how about giving a haircut to each other? That would be so much FUN. And since your partner might be growing his beard, you can help him in trimming that because even if you are staying at home, grooming is really important! Also, hope you're following the Korean Skincare routine in your Quarantine time! 

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We loved this adorable couple. What about you?

Stay At home, Grow In Love! This Couple Showed Us How To Develop New Skills From Each Other

by Rashmi Jayara

Stay At home, Grow In Love! This Couple Showed Us How To Develop New Skills From Each Other