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A timeless gesture of love and unity, hand-holding symbolizes the bond and connection between two souls. From entering the venue hand-in-hand to holding hands for twirling shots, there are a plethora of hand-holding photos to bookmark. Scroll below and save the ones you love!

Ultimate Couple Hand-Holding Shots

Enter Hand-in-Hand

Some of the most amazing hand-holding shots are the couples entering together.  Ask your photographers to capture this tender moment with a shot of the couple's hands clasped tightly, fingers intertwined, as they step into their happily ever after!

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Source Mili Ghosh

Source Studio RDP

Holding Hands at the Mandap

The couple’s happiness knows no bounds especially when they are at the mandap. Maybe that’s why we came across a plethora of couple hand-holding shots at the mandap. Scroll below and bookmark your favourite mandap hand-holding shots!

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Source Gaatha

Source Mili Ghosh

Hold Hands & Simply Pose!

Posed hand-holding shots offer an amazing opportunity to capture the couple's love and connection in a more controlled setting. Whether you opt for a scenic backdrop or go with lush greenery, the focused hand-holding shots can look ethereal!

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Source Oshoot

Source Oshoot

Hold Hands & Twirl

Another great way to get amazing hand-holding shots is simply by twirling. Ladies, you get all set to twirl while your other half will hold your hand and assist you. Romantic, adorable and super easy, we promise you’re gonna love the hand-holding twirl shots!

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Source Sara Idrees

Source Sara Idrees

Source Sutej Pannu

Post-Wedding Hand Holding

After the ceremony, the newlyweds don’t want to let each other go anyway, making that moment ideal for hand-holding shots. The hand-holding will come so naturally that all the shots will showcase their happiness and bliss.

Scroll below and check out these couples’ post-wedding hand-holding pictures!

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Source Mili Ghosh


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Ultimate Couple Hand-Holding Photos to Bookmark

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Ultimate Couple Hand-Holding Photos to Bookmark