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Oh! We love it when couples go the extra mile for their pre-wedding shoots. And, hardly couples these days want the traditional photoshoot against a picturesque backdrop and grand clothes. Now, they prefer going with themes that best reflect their personalities. For the adventurous types, we have found the ultimate couple shots around a car, inside and even on top of it!

Scroll below to check out these images and take major inspiration from them.

Best Couple Car Shot Ideas

Pose Around the Car

If you want images that are full of swag, we recommend simply posing around the car. It’s as simple as it is — pose in front of the car and let your expressions take over. We promise the images are going to turn out epic just like that of these real couples!

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Source Duke Images

Source Duke Images

Fun Loving Car Shots

Another great way to get stupendous pictures with your most-priced possession is by having fun with your loved one when posing around it. Have food while getting your couple of car shots, grin ear to ear or just play around!

Mark our words, your pictures will be priceless.

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These Photos Are Full of Love

As unconventional as it sounds, you and your other half can manage to get pictures full of love with your car in the background. These images should show the beautiful bond you guys share with your car in the background acting as a prop.

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Source Gaatha

Source Duke Images

Source Sutej Pannu

Heart-Warming Car Portraits

Whether you kiss your partner inside the car or sit fondly with him looking directly into his eyes, you can manage to get some heartwarming car portraits. I mean, after your home isn’t a car the most comfortable place!?

So let that emotion out and get the stupendous images like these couples!

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Source Sutej Pannu

Source Mili Ghosh


Which couple shot with the car is your favourite? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

#PhotoTrend: Couples Get These Portrait Shots in the Car!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

#PhotoTrend: Couples Get These Portrait Shots in the Car!