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Saree is undeniably the most gracious garment a woman can ever clad herself in! But if you are a novice who has hardly ever worn a saree, your dream of looking elegant in six yards of beauty can shatter in no time. Right from managing the pallu to ensuring that the pleats don't fall, there is a lot that goes into looking all poised in a saree. But since you are a ShaadiSaga blog reader,  we won't let you witness any wardrobe malfunction and have chalked out some smart and stylish hacks you can use to carry saree in the most hassle-free way.

1. Wear it with pants

 Ditch the petticoat and drape your saree on a pant! Pant sarees are a thing and oh, they are damn comfortable.

2. Team it up with a jacket

What to do when it is chilling cold outside but you gotta slay in a saree? Well, easy! Pair it up with a sassy jacket and voila, all the hassles sorted.

3. Tuck the pallu inside the blouse

Okay, so handling the pallu is yet another challenge you accept when you decide to wear a saree. But hey, thanks to Indian designers who are giving Sarees a whole new dimension in the quest of comfort and style.

4. Buy a stitched saree

The fear of saree getting unfolded is real, and so is the trend of semi-stitched sarees. We love how semi-stitched sarees have come to the rescue of women who find it challenging to hop around in saree. Opting for semi-stitched sarees can not only ease the draping process but also keep your saree in place while you dance the night away!

Source Qbik

5. Set it with a belt

After belted-lehengas, it is the belted sarees that are having a major moment in the fashion scene. And let me tell you, they look super voguish. Bollywood fashionistas approve of this trend too!

6. Carry a Belt bag along

Belt bags are in vogue from quite a while now but all thanks to a famous fashion blogger, Masoom Minawala that they are being fashioned with sarees too. Women clothing is any way deprived of pockets and storage but you can up the comfort level and stay hassle-free in a saree by setting it up with a belt bag around your waist.

7. Pin up the pleats

Saree blues shoo away the very moment when you feel sure that your pleats are firmly set and will not unfold. And one of the easiest ways to achieve this is by pinning the pleats with safety pins. Secure the pleats two pins, one on the top and second in the middle. This way, the probability of pleats getting unfold rules out, and the pin in the middle ensures the are set neatly.


Hope you found these tips useful!

7 Ultimate Cheats to Wear Sarees in the Most Hassle-free Ways

by Medha Chawla

7 Ultimate Cheats to Wear Sarees in the Most Hassle-free Ways