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Organizing a cocktail party can be just as fun as attending one, trust us when we say this! Not only is it the easiest event to put together, but it also provides a much-needed breather between two important functions. It allows you to let your hair down and groove to peppy music while enjoying some nice drinks and chill time with your loved ones. The cocktail party is that function that the friends and cousins of the couple enjoy the most. In fact, a good cocktail party allows everyone to mingle without any rules, timelines and rituals. It's just a night to be yourself with your friends and family before the wedding day arrives and everybody becomes emotional. 

Most people opt for a combination Sangeet and Cocktail night, which is why it becomes one of the major functions. So whether you want to opt for them together or just go for a cocktail party separately, it’s up to you. Here are some amazing cocktail party decor ideas that will make this fun night even more dazzling for you and your guests. 

Trendy Cocktail Party Decor Ideas

The decor for this function is usually very glitzy and glamorous, but hey, it’s your wedding function so you decide the theme according to your personality and taste. We have put together a list of some of the best cocktail party decor ideas we came across. So, without any further ado, let's go through all the different cocktail party decor ideas and themes that you could opt for to make your event an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends it! Yeah? Great, let’s go!

1. Luxe Decor Theme

Inspired by Retro times, this cocktail party decor will give you the ultimate luxury experience. Bartenders in bows and ties, a venue with lots of trees and wooden flooring and furnishing, and lots of fairy lights to give the decor a dreamy look! You can also place classy chairs and tables around the venue so that people can rest after they dance their hearts out. To give it a more luxe and exclusive feel, you can also have name cardholders on every table. Keep a space in the middle for all the dancing and fun though, okay?

2. Enchanted Forest Theme

Any Disney Frozen series fans in the house? Well, if you know Frozen, you know what the enchanted forest is. Even if you don’t, you will love this beautiful theme which can be set up at a venue surrounded by nature, could be your garden or a park of some sort with lots of trees and greenery around. Decorate it with lots and lots of glittery fairy lights and other shimmery tidbits and your amazing cocktail decor will be golden! This is one of the most trendy cocktail party decor ideas these days. You must give it a shot! 

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3. Bonfire Theme

An outdoor bonfire-theme decor is just the perfect thing for a winter wedding. You can have a bonfire in the centre with lots of free space to dance around and sing. Surrounded by rustic wooden furniture and some fairy lights on the trees, this could be a magical cocktail party decor idea. Additionally, you can also have lamps and diyas scattered around the venue to make it look more mesmerizing. Winter vibes right there, no? 

SS Tip: While a bonfire-theme cocktail party idea is perfect, do ensure that you take all safety measures and stay safe. You should ask your guests to dress up in comfy clothing and avoid wearing synthetic clothes!

4. Luau Theme

If winter weddings are not your cup of tea, then let's show you an Island-theme decor for a summer cocktail party! If you’re opting for a beach wedding, then trust us when we say this, a luau-themed cocktail party aka Hawaiian party is what you must go for, especially if you plan on having a lot of crazy fun with your friends and fam! If your wedding is not on the beach, you can ask your wedding decorator to create an island-like theme surrounded by fairy lights and tiki torches to give it an authentic feel. Add in elements like coconut shells to the decor in some form and your luau theme party is good to hit the road!. 

5. Quirky Theme

Quirky theme decor can mean so many different things, it’s just a matter of perception. From an entrance lined with colourful umbrellas to colourful and popping decor elements like bulbs and canopies, you can choose to be your quirky best with this cocktail party decor idea. You can go as modern and as desi as you like, so the world is your oyster here!

6. Bohemian Rhapsody Theme

We all have a friend who wants to get married in a hippie-style. If you don’t have that friend, then you are that friend!😉 Bohemian wedding decor idea works best for someone who is known to have a very peppy and carefree personality. If you resonate with these traits, then hey, we think this will be a great cocktail party decor idea for you.

7. Circus Theme

Don’t squint dear bride, you read it right! Circuses hold special places in our hearts, with us being millennial kids and all! If you want to make your guests revisit their childhood memories while making some beautiful new ones with you, you can opt for a very classy yet quirky circus theme for your cocktail party decor. It will be a never-seen-before kinda thing for most people present at the function.

8. Desi Theme

If you have decided to have a shudh desi wedding, then you can opt for this cocktail party decor idea. While most people opt for glitter and shimmer, you can opt for something unique on your cocktail night. Lots of flowers, lamps, desi props like clay glasses and diyas, maybe even some movie posters, and a cycle rickshaw as a photo prop! Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


We hope this list of cocktail party decor ideas will help you pick the right theme for your function.

Best 8 Decor Ideas For Your Cocktail Party That'll Be Hit With Your Guests

by Manvi Malhotra

Best 8 Decor Ideas For Your Cocktail Party That'll Be Hit With Your Guests