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When I was a little girl, I'd spent some time living in the South. There, one day, I witnessed a wedding where the bride was dressed in a fine kanjivaram, with gold and Kundan studded blouse and laden with gorgeous bright gold jewellery from head to toe. The fascination towards the bride's jewellery in my eyes was beyond comparison. However, back then my fascination wasn't the gold, but the amount of it and its bright hue, which was something I'd never seen in gold. Unlike the regular silver, gold and diamond, my recognition of bridal jewellery were limited. So, this new kind of jewellery had made my eyes sparkle. 

It was only when I grew up did I ever learn what they called that style of jewellery. And that was Chettinad Jewellery. 📿

Chettinad Jewellery For Indian Brides

What is the Chettinad Jewellery?

When someone speaks of traditional jewellery in the south, irrespective of the state you're from, Chettinad jewellery will always be mentioned. It's an essential part of wedding celebrations in South Indian culture, where each piece of the jewellery holds it's own story. This style of jewellery making is the result of generations of mastery passed on by goldsmiths in their families. They're expressive and extremely detailed, which shows the amount of time a goldsmith spends making it. 

Originating from the Chettinad region from Tamil Nadu, one known for its extra spicey and mouth-watering cuisine, Chettinad jewellery is mostly temple jewellery designs that was inspired by the grand temples built by dynasties like the Cholas. In fact, the presence of its region's history is so vivid in the jewellery designs, then one can't stop but wonder what the goldsmith's inspiration was behind every design. One of the most prominent types of Chettinad jewellery is it's various gold necklace designs, which are mostly antique and handcrafted. 

But that's what truly captivated me about this style of jewellery- it's antique looking, yet fresh and shines unlike any other. Plus, the added rubies and emeralds only add a royal richness to these designs, which are hard not to marvel at. Thus, I always recommend a bride to look at the Chettinad jewellery collection when coming up with minimal jewellery ideas, as even one piece of this style in your ensemble can be a statement-making element. 

Various Types Of Chettinad Jewellery For Brides

A Coin Studded Jewellery Set

Coin jewellery is one of the most common yet elegant styles of South Indian jewellery we see these days. But these coins can be turned into an element of Chettinad jewellery which turn these designs into statement pieces. They can either be plain or be encrusted with other kinds of jewels like emeralds, rubies and diamonds to become an aesthetic treat for the eyes!

A Mesmerising Affair Of Colours

What's the one thing that shines brighter than a plain gold neckpiece? A multicoloured jewellery set, with a deep gold background to amplify the colours of rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sometimes even silver. The colourful pieces can either be simple designs or even be OTT pieces that boast motifs of gods and goddesses. All in all, they're the ideal choice for a bride looking to add a splash of colours to her jewels. 

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Statement Mathapattis 

Okay, who doesn't love mathapattis? I've seen the most reluctant of brides reach out for a gorgeous mathapatti and look fabulous in them. And if you're the kind of bride who's looking for one piece to nail the entire look, then we suggest you go in for a gorgeous Chettinad style mathapatti. 


Flamboyant Pieces To Love

We're in awe of this style of jewellery making. Honestly, when we see sets that let you layer various styles of neckpieces, along with jhumkis, maangtikkas and even bajubandhs, it's only natural for us to swoon! Thus, we suggest for the OTT bride, flamboyant layered pieces are a must!

OTT Bangles and Kadas

While I'm a huge fan of kadas and kaleeras, these gold bangles, sometimes studded with rubies, sometimes with diamonds, are something of a new level for us. They're elegant, they're refined and extremely graceful. In fact, a bride who wears kadas like these need not go ahead with too much jewellery, as these chunky bangles are quite eye-catching. 

Mango Malas That Wow

I've said it before and I'm saying it again, mango malas are downright beautiful. While going through my list of Chettinad jewellery for the Indian bride, I came across numerous kinds of mango malas. The design of these mango shaped motifs that comprise of the mala itself is the top choice of South Indian brides. Plus, a single jewellery set need not be paired with anything else and can be the ideal choice for minimalistic brides. 

Source Vriksham

Source Dolly Jain

Dainty Maangtikkas

Whenever I am asked how to select the best minimal jewellery, I always recommend a bride to go for a nice maangtikka. Made of traditional temple work and studded with rubies, diamonds or emeralds, Chettinad maangtikkas are ideal for brides who are looking to rock a graceful look without overdoing it.  I mean, there are a million kinds of maangtikkas to choose from, but these dainty ones are ideal for functions like mehendi or sangeet. 

A Bold Melange Of Diamond & Gold

Everyone's a fan of a bold look if worn in the right way. Thus, Chettinad jewellery that comes studded with diamonds is bound to grab eyeballs. To ensure such jewellery impresses all the way through, go in for a plunging neckline, as chokers or rani haars in such designs and elements will surely complement a deep neck blouse. 

Source Vriksham

Traditional & Trendy Jada Designs 

Hailing from our traditions and typically adorned by a South Indian bride, Jadas is one of the most unique bridal jewellery pieces that not only amp up your bridal hairstyle but also give an edge to your whole bridal look. While there are numerous varieties of jadas available for the quintessential bride to check out, but these Chettinad jewellery collection style jadas are truly wonderful and can be rocked by any kind of bride. 


Isn't this style of jewellery mesmerising? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Chettinad Jewellery - A Mesmerizing Jewellery Selection For South Indian Brides!

by Shivani Singh

Chettinad Jewellery - A Mesmerizing Jewellery Selection For South Indian Brides!