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We are honestly so happy to see couples who are not letting a pandemic ruin their plan of calling each other "officially mine". Seeing them overcoming obstacles to happily holding hands forever makes us fall with love a little more. After seeing a virtual wedding where the bride applied her mehndi herself and the other one where this bride decided to wear her mother’s saree for her wedding and looked drop-dead gorgeous, we stumbled across the story of these beautiful couples who make us believe that love-at-first-sight exists and how the universe works in mysterious ways to help those who are in love.

Cheshta and Vipul, like many others, wanted to celebrate their love with a gathering of 500 people and a grand celebration, the universe, however, had other plans. Their dream of having the fairytale wedding on the 26 April 2020 was changed a little when a nationwide lockdown was announced. They didn’t give up and took the first opportunity that came in their way and made it official! Remembering her small Gurudwara wedding with not more than 30 guests, Cheshta says, "Vipul always wanted to have a grand wedding with 4-5 functions and large gatherings. But what we had was a thousand times better than what we planned as it was god’s plan. We are so grateful." 

Introducing Cheshta Mago & Vipul Khera's Intimate Wedding in Delhi

It was love at first sight for the Pharmaceuticals Industrialist Vipul Khera, while Cheshta Mago, a Tarot Card reader & numerologist by profession took her sweet little time to fall in love. As Cheshta describes her journey, she tells us that Vipul and she met only for a mere 30 seconds for the first time. It was two days that when Cheshta was contacted by a mutual friend who was present at their brief meeting saying Vipul wanted to have a conversation with Cheshta. Reluctant at first, Cheshta decided to give this a try after her friends pushed her. And that was was the beginning of a beautiful love story. The awkward Instagram conversations into a straight 5-hour long call when they first spoke to each other over a call. She remembers telling her friends, "He didn’t ask for my number, he is such a decent guy," during their Instagram days.

Vipul didn’t take long to confess his feeling and there was no looking back after that. However, they had to put a little hard work to convince Vipul’s parents, for this was the first love marriage in their family. Cheshta’s parents, on the other hand, were super cool about their relationship. The convincing was done and the couple was soon rokafied, planning a grand wedding for them.

A Magical Anand Karaj Ceremony Where They Cut Down 500 Guests To Only 50 Guests!

Vipul and Cheshta decided to tie a knot on 26th April in a grand ceremony amidst all their friends and family members. But God had some other plans for them. The nationwide lockdown announced making their dream to get married this blurry. Vipul and Cheshta were so much in love and wanted to get married at the very first chance they get. Soon, after the government announced some relaxations in the lockdown their hope of getting hitched enlightened. 

Cheshta added, "We just had three days to make all the preparations and get married. Our outfits were not delivered,  jewellery was booked but not picked, packing was not done and so many other things were pending." The couple quickly got their outfits ready in just two days by their respective designers, picked up the jewellery that they had booked earlier. They were on cloud 9 when the vendors including her makeup artist and photographer agreed to work on their wedding day. She believes that cutting down the guest list from 500 to 50 was the hardest part but thankfully their family supported them with all hearts. Vipul and Cheshta tied a knot in an intimate, beautiful, and peaceful Anand Karaj Wedding Ceremony on May 24 and have been living happily ever after.

The wedding pictures of this beautiful couple has been trending over the Internet and we are completely in love with them and their sweet journey of love! Cheshta concludes by saying, "Getting married with just my closed and dear ones and that too in an Anand Karaj wedding was itself complete for me. I am so grateful to God that things happened this way and at this time as there is nothing more than Vipul and I can ask for. We had our dream wedding, which was so simple, quick, sweet, and peaceful." Further, she advised brides-to-be, "Just keep the faith and believe in God’s plan as that is going to be the most favourable for each one of you. It all works out in the end."

Wishing the couple, their wedding photographer - The Wedding Files said, "We recently had an honour of capturing an Intimate wedding of our beautiful couple Chestha & Vipul in Delhi during the ongoing pandemic. There was a gathering of 30 people who were all just immediate family members of both sides. The Couple made sure, that all the safety precautions (sanitisers, wearing maks, etc.) were taken during the ceremonies. They had an Anand Karaj ceremony which took place in a Gurudwara near to their place. The whole wedding is setting the new wedding goals in this pandemic and we wish the couple a very happy married life." 


Wedding Photographer: The Wedding Files | Makeup Artist: Sahil Malhotra | Bridal Designer: Anushree Jain | Jewellery: Rama Krishna Jewellers 


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Cheshta & Vipul's Magical Anand Karaj Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Delhi!

by Apoorva Saxena

Cheshta & Vipul's Magical Anand Karaj Intimate Wedding Ceremony in Delhi!