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Source: Ramit Batra Photography; Saraidrees

The final fitting session of your bridal lehenga is an event in itself! As the bride-to-be, you will find yourself full of excitement and in most cases, nervous as well. Of course, you want your wedding outfit to fit you like a dream.

So, here we have a checklist for you to keep in mind when you are trying on your bridal lehenga at the final fitting session! 

Things To Check At Your Bridal Lehenga's Final Fitting

1. Try On The Lehenga With The Same Lingerie That You Will Wear On Your Big Day

To make sure you get the same desired look as your wedding day, wear the same lingerie to your bridal lehenga fitting that you are going to be wearing on your wedding day. This includes your bra and your shapewear if you are going to wear any. 

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2. Don't Wear Heavy Makeup To The Fitting

Wear very soft light or no makeup to your bridal lehenga fitting. Heavy or dark makeup can stain your clothes while you put them on. 

3. Ensure That The Lehenga And The Blouse Hug Your Body Well Without Being Tight

A perfectly stitched bridal lehenga hugs your body without being too tight. You should be able to breathe in your lehenga while it is still snug fitting. 

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4. Check If The Stitching & The Design Are Clean

The stitching and the design done by the tailor should be seamless and smooth. There should be no loose threads coming out. 

5. Make Sure That The Hooks And Zips On Your Blouse Are Working Fine

You can't afford to have a blouse zip emergency on your big day. So, make sure that the hooks and zips used on your blouse are of good quality and are working smoothly. 

6. Don't Forget To Drape Your Dupatta At The Fitting

While trying on the lehenga and the blouse, don't forget to drape your dupatta. You will only be able to see the final look with the dupatta. 

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7. See If You Can Comfortably Sit, Stand And Dance In The Lehenga

Your lehenga should be comfortable enough for you to sit, dance and stand in it. Take a good look at the cancan skirt to ensure that it doesn't lose its shape when you move around in your lehenga. 

8. Wear The Lehenga With Your Bridal Heels To Check The Length Of The Lehenga

Don't forget to bring your bridal heels to your lehenga fitting. You should wear them when you are trying on your lehenga. Your lehenga should be long enough to cover your heels. 

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9. Order Customisations At Your Final Fitting Session 

While you are doing your bridal lehenga fittings it is advisable that you must make a note of things you want to get changed or customised. Whether it's getting less or more tan-tan, adjusting the hooks, or customising your bridal dupatta. Ensure that you order customisations well in advance to your bridal wear designer. 

10. Wear Your Bridal Jewellery To Make Sure Everything Sits Right

Carry your bridal jewellery to your lehenga fitting to make sure that your jewellery sits right with the neckline of the blouse. 

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11. Click Gazillion Photos Of Your Bridal Look 

Lastly, don't forget to click multiple photos of your bridal look from different angles, which will be helpful for your bridal makeup artist to give get a better idea of your wedding lehenga.

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Ultimate Checklist For Your Bridal Lehenga Final Fitting Session - Stitching to Hooks & More!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Ultimate Checklist For Your Bridal Lehenga Final Fitting Session - Stitching to Hooks & More!