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If you are scouring the internet for the perfect honeymoon destination but are unable to pick one, we feel you. No matter how many pages we scan through unless we hear it from people who have actually been there to share their first-hand experiences, our sceptical minds will never settle!

These days, scores of couples have taken to travel blogging. These real-life couples are always backpacking, exploring the world like locals and documenting it all. By sharing their cute mushy pictures and thrilling adventures together, personal reviews, hotels and lodging details etc., they will give you some serious honeymoon inspiration and hopefully sort you out with your ideal destination too. To put an end to your long hours of research, we have picked out some of the most popular couple travel bloggers you must check on Instagram! Let the scrolling begin!

1. Jack Morris & Lauren

Instagram handle @doyoutravel


This travel account, run by the wander-lusting duo jack Morris with girlfriend Lauren, is one of the most popular ones! The young couple met in 2016 in Fiji and have been travelling since then, posting quirky and stunning pictures of themselves from different corners of the world, around 20 plus countries so far. Once you get a taste of their feed, you cannot help but keep scrolling over and over again! (Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you)

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2. Murad & Nataly

Instagram handle @muradosmann

The famous couple Murad & Nataly Osmann, need no introduction! Murad, a Russian travel blogger plus photographer travels along with his wife to the most beautiful places around the world, giving us major couple goals. His shots are really unique and so effortlessly beautiful! They rose to fame with the series “Follow Me To” which went viral in 2012 and since then they have been titled to be the top travel influencers!

3. Vid and Savi

Instagram handle @bruised passports

Source Savi & Vid

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High school mates turned couples turned full-time travel bloggers, Savi and Vid, after saving up for eight years quit their jobs fully in 2015 to devote themselves fully to their passion. They have travelled to more than 80 countries in a span of 12 years! Insane, right? Trotting around the globe to the most captivating places, their feed has information and breath-taking pictures galore.

4. Collette & Scott

Instagram handle @roamaroo

Source Roamaroo

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The travelling twosome, Collette and Scott, like luxury and adventure for their travels. They quit their corporate jobs in America and took to travelling the world full-time! They are a couple who love travelling as much as they love each other!

5. Hannah & Adam

Instagram handle @gettingstamped

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Meet the American couple who took the plunge in 2013 and decided to trade their Jobs for “getting stamped” all across the globe and haven’t slowed down ever since.  They have traversed across 6 continents, 55 countries, and made a truck full of memories! They dream of travelling to Antarctica to complete their journey around the world, literally.

6. Mani & Darsh

Instagram handle @mdoutofoofice

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This couple has come a long way, travelling together from the past 10 years. Their travel diary consists of fuller documentations about their journeys- from cities to offbeat places to the local lifestyles- they share with you their discoveries and experiences leaving you awestruck!

7. Selena & Jacob

Instagram handle @finduslost

This couple’s Instagram feed is your window to the most remarkable destinations, breathtaking adventures and delicious food to make you wanderlust and pack your bags already! It all started with a road trip to the Balkans and since then the couple has not looked back! They are true examples of the fact that travelling becomes all the more satisfying with your partner for life!

8. Bobby and Alli

Instagram handle @traveling_newlyweds

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The couple. Bobby and Alli, embarked on an unstoppable journey of exploring faraway lands ever since they tied the knot in 2014! They describe themselves as best friends and each other’s fav travel buddy and their cutesy pictures is all the visual testimony you need! From exotic destinations to mesmerising landscapes to your everyday streets pictures, their travel exploits are awe-inspiring!

9. Laura and Tanbay

Instagram handle @travellingweasels

Ever since they bought a one- way ticket to Australia in 2012, these nomads have kept going on the most thrilling adventures of their lives! Their passion has taken them places. They even make fun videos on YouTube!

10. Dan & Casey

Instagram handle @acruisingcouple

Dan and Casey are high school sweethearts who got married at the ripe age of 22 and their story is nothing short of a fairy tale. What started as documenting their honeymoon in a blog as a short time gig for their friends and relatives to enjoy, snowballed into something so massive which they hadn’t even dreamt of! They are a couple who crave adventure- from climbing active volcanoes in Indonesia to cycling 1000 miles into Vietnam to windsurfing- the couple has done it all!

Did they inspire you enough? Let us know your fave travel blogger couple, in the comments below!

Check Out These 10 Instagram Couple Travel Bloggers For Some Honeymoon Inspiration!

by Aditi Bachhawat

Check Out These 10 Instagram Couple Travel Bloggers For Some Honeymoon Inspiration!