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Sometimes, posing for the camera can be burdensome. However, when a couple is captured in a moment of pure candidness, it's always a remarkable show of chemistry between the two. Plus, candid pictures make great additions to a wedding album!

While many couples love getting clicked in front of the camera, there are many who are camera-shy and can feel intimidated by the shutterbugs at the venue as well. But a bride and groom's candid captures are really fun and beautiful to look at. That's why we've compiled some of the greatest brides' and grooms candid captures that make our hearts flutter! Scroll down and check out all the love!

Delightful Candid Moments Of Brides & Grooms

An Endearing Hug By The Ocean

This couple held a beachside wedding but also had an amazing photoshoot, where they gave us this cute hug by the ocean shot. 

The OG Romantic Bicycle Ride

Couples that slay on a bicycle right before (or after) their wedding are truly awesome. 

We're All In For Forehead Kisses

Every couple that shows off their love with a forehead kiss picture had us feeling jealous yet so smitten!

The Sindoor Ceremony Moments We All Love

Moments that capture the indoor ceremony are truly heart-stirring and bring out raw emotions in everyone.

Romantic Silhouettes Of Newlyweds 

Every couple that gets a wedding photoshoot should definitely get this kinda shot that captures the romance with a bit of mysteriousness. 

Aren't Romantic Postures The Cutest Gestures?

From reversing the positions in dance moves to back hugs that are downright adorable, romantic gestures being captures in candid moments are a piece to marvel at. 

The Moment When He Looks At You And Sees The World

They say that if you love someone, you can see the entire world in their eyes. This bride's sparkling eyes certainly show that. 

Romantic Gestures Can Be Reversed Too

Honestly, these brides getting down on her knee to put the ring on her beau's finger is uber cute and heartwarming. 

The Vow Reading Is Always Fun

Well, this couple certainly proves that the part where you get to read your vows can end either of the two ways- either in tears or in laughter. 

Captured Into Moments Of Sparkle & Frolic

A couple that has candid fun all throughout their wedding is one to be inspired by. 

Of course, She's Always The Boss

She's always the boss and the one who's always right. And to quote a very favourite movie of ours, "There's no life, without a wife!" 

Whispering Sweet Nothings Even During The Pheras

This couple's cute candid right after their pheras is just swoon-worthy!

A Single Kiss Can Make You Feel Giddy

Well, this one doesn't need much of an explanation. After all, these couples certainly prove our point!

Who Would Walk Down The Aisle When Bae Can Carry You?

Whether it's the moment before you walk down the aisle, or the moment after, if bae carries you in his arms, he's a keeper!

You Know It's Love When He Can't Stop Looking At You!

This capture reminds us of that very old, very famous song by Frankie Valli, "You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you..."

A Couple That Jumps Together, Stays Together!

There's no better way to describe this kind of coordination. 

That Moment You Break Into A Dance Just After The Varmala

Because the idea of marital bliss has you so excited!

Walking Into The Venue Like A Boss

'Cuz it's your wedding, and you gotta own it!

How Could We Ever Complete This Blog Without Them?

Rana and Miheeka's wedding was the biggest wedding of 2020 and though limited, they shared some really beautifully captured candids with us that we cannot get over!


Aren't these just the most amazing moments? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

35+ Fun Candid Moments Of Bride & Grooms That Make Our Hearts Flutter!

by Shivani Singh

35+ Fun Candid Moments Of Bride & Grooms That Make Our Hearts Flutter!