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There is altogether a different charm about candid photography that is compared to none. We love, love and love when the photographers capture the most fabulous moments of a wedding in their truest of sense. The beauty of these candid photos lies in natural moments that make for the best of the memories. We are head over heels with these beautiful candid pictures of brides, which you can take some inspiration for your wedding celebrations. So, check these latest cutesy candid portraits of brides that are super-duper adorable!  

Cutesy Candid Portraits Of Brides That Are Absolute Winners

When your love for food is absolutely real

While some people claim to love food, these brides have actually proved their ultimate love for food. These mouth-watering photos of brides indulging in their favourite snack right before the wedding ceremony are absolutely delicious. These brides let their hair down and gave way for photographers to click some adorable cute photos that have definitely left us hungry. 

Cos the struggle is real when wearing your bridal jewellery

We all can agree that bridal jewellery is quite cumbersome and heavy. With all the heavy jewellery that a bride has to wear for long hours, it gets very tiring. These candid photographers captured the true sentiments of these brides having to wear those large pieces of jewels.

Oh! Did we just hear Ouchh? 

Brides who like to go a little crazy

*If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands*. These brides-to-be definitely seem to enjoy their wedding festivities to the fullest. And why not, after all, it’s your wedding. Their happiness and craziness translated into these amazing candid pictures that are irresistibly lovely. No doubt we love when brides have those fun, light-hearted moments at their wedding celebrations. 

Source VV Weddings

Best haldi ceremony photos that are totally adorable!

When you only have your near and dear ones around you, you are sure to loosen up and enjoy every moment of your wedding celebrations. The haldi ceremony gives the photographers the best opportunity to catch some of the rawest and true emotions of the bride in action. When your family is smearing haldi all over you, the moment definitely needs to be captured. right?

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Cutesy candid shots with your favourite hooman

Every bride who has a pet is sure to relate to this. The thought of leaving your dog behind after marriage is unbearable. The unconditional love that your little puppy showers on you are so pure. Then why not make him a part of your wedding ceremony? Bid him farewell in style and guess what, you are sure to get some cutesy photos with your doggo that you’ll cherish for your lifetime. 

Source Photokitch

Source Gaatha

There is no love purer than a father’s love

Hand-in-hand, he walked you down the aisle, with a heavy heart and a smile on his face. The father-daughter bond is the epitome of pure love. Your father is your number one man and will always remain that. On your wedding day, he will be the happiest man on earth and these pictures capture the beautiful moments of a father bonding with his daughter at the wedding day that is definitely making our hearts melt. 

When you are the happiest bride with your man

These brides couldn’t contain their excitement at the thought of spending the rest of their life with their soulmate. Their beau is sure to keep them happy all their life and that happiness is truly visible in these candid photos. Her radiating smile is nothing but pure bliss and these candid pictures aptly preserve her smile in the frame. 

Source Gaatha

Candid shots during traditional ceremonies are the most sparkling

Indian weddings are all about the ceremonies and these candid photographers made sure to capture those beautiful moments flawlessly. These candid pictures are so pure that we can’t take our eyes off them.  

Dancing your way to your wedding

When a bride dances her way through her wedding, we know she’s having the time of her life. Wedding is one of the most important days of a girl’s life and these brides made sure to enjoy each moment of their d-day. They seem all happy and glowy as they dance out their excitement. So, when a bride is this happy, what more could we ask for. 

What’s a wedding without your bridesmaids 

A bride needs her gang on her wedding day more than ever. With the constant hustle-bustle and small freak outs at regular intervals, a bridesmaid is the one to keep you sane throughout and make everything look so effortless. Right from finding your missing earring to your dress and handling those wedding jitters, she’ll be there for you. And getting some amazing photographs with your girlies is a must. 

Saying goodbye is never easy 

With a heavy heart, a bride says goodbye to her family and takes a step further to start her new life. Well, goodbyes will never be easy. Leaving your family behind is tough and these pictures portray their emotions in the most genuine form. These pictures will definitely leave everyone teary-eyed. Oh! We are not crying, you are. *tissues please*

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So, which candid bridal portrait was your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below!

50 Cutesy Candid Portraits Of Brides That Has Our Hearts!

by Vidhi Gupta

50 Cutesy Candid Portraits Of Brides That Has Our Hearts!