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While everyone has their eyes set on the bride during the wedding functions, the groom deserves equal attention and should be captured in all his glory. And, while the posed shots will come out amazing but the candid shots are what makes us happy. There’s nothing like informal, unposed photographs that capture the groom in his natural element. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite candid groom shots.

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All The Candid Groom Shots We Love

Adorable Groom Shots

One of the best types of of candid groom shots is when his raw emotions are captured. Wedding is an emotional affair, and it's not uncommon for grooms to feel overwhelmed or emotional. Make sure the photographer is ready to capture him when he’s being all adorable!  

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Shake Your Body & Be Captured

Everyone is having the time of their lives when they’re on the dance floor. This is where you’ll get amazing candid shots of the groom. Ask your photographer to be on standby as soon as your other half reaches the dance floor and then let things happen on their own. 

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Smilling Ear-to-Ear 

We love those shots where the person in frame is happy and is smiling ear-to-ear. These can be best captured when there’s a happy moment, a surprise for the groom or simply when his best men are trying to make him laugh. Scroll below and check out some of our personal favorite smiling shots

Source Oshoot

Fun-Filled Shots 

What’s a wedding without some fun moments to it? And, theory has it that the guy side will always be focussing on fun more than anything. Whether it is during the haldi ceremony or in the baraat, there will be many instances when you can manage to get stupendous fun-filled candid shots. 

Rager Candid Shots

We love a groom who likes to make a statement or has no bounds when it comes to raging. After all, if the groom won’t be rager on his wedding functions then who will!? Be it drinking shots or the ones where the groom is high on emotions, these candid rager shots are surely going to put a smile on your face! 


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Best Candid Groom Shots That We Came Across Lately!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Best Candid Groom Shots That We Came Across Lately!