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An Indian bride’s outfit is incomplete without a dupatta, and we all know this. But those days are long gone when your bridal lehenga was accompanied by only one red or golden dupatta. The trends have changed and so have choices. The millennial bride wants something unique and different for her special day, not only when it comes to the venue, decor and food, but also her trousseau. 

Brides nowadays are doing all kinds of fun experiments when it comes to their bridal day looks. While some opt to wear sneakers instead of heels, others opt for a completely contrasting dupatta to add a 'Wow' factor to their attire. This contrasting dupatta could either be matching to their groom’s outfit or something completely different. But whatever it may be, it definitely adds a splash of colour and vibrance to the look.

If you are a soon-to-be bride who wants to dazzle everyone on your big day, then take a look at all these gorgeous women. They took part in the contrasting dupatta trend and their gorgeous outfits turned out to be huge hits. So brace yourselves because here comes the inspiration.

Brides Who Wore Contrasting Dupattas With Their Bridal Lehenga

Aqua Splash

This bride made a bold and beautiful choice by adding a starkly contrasting aqua blue dupatta with her bright red bridal lehenga. But we’re not complaining at all because it looks so gorgeous! Who knew two colours so different from each other could look so pretty together?!

Sunshine Yellow

There is something about the combination of bright yellow and pink that just exudes happiness. It is such a vibrant combo that even though they are two contrasting colours, they fit amazingly well with each other. Check out these brides who opted to add a yellow & pink dupatta to their bridal wear so that they could colour coordinate with her better half. So adorbs!

Classic Red 

Even though red is a classic choice when it comes to weddings, there is nothing cliche about this bride. She chose a navy blue lehenga for her big day and decided to go for a mix of modern and traditional by adding a red dupatta to her ensemble. Beautiful, we say. Who says you cannot experiment with your D-Day look, after all!

Emerald Beauty

We have seen a lot of brides donning contrasting emerald-hued jewellery with their pastel coloured lehengas, but this is the first time a bride went one step further and opted for a dupatta in this beautiful shade. Another example of 'you never know what looks good until you try it.' Your wedding attire should be a mirror of your personality and this bride sure knows this. She looks so graceful and yet we know there is a fun side to her. So, don’t shy away from experimenting.

Match It Up

This beauty also went for a contrasting dupatta in bright orange which matched perfectly with her groom's pagdi but stood in stunning contrast to her golden lehenga. It adds a very nice and bright touch to her look and paired with light makeup and heavy jewellery, this one’s a complete winner. Also, check out these 25+ latest & stylish orange lehengas will surely make you a happy bride.

SS Tip: Lighter hues and bright contrasting dupattas are a great pick for day weddings.

Hues & Shades

No better way to describe this stunner’s outfit! It looks like a rainbow of sorts. Her deep red velvet lehenga paired with a dupatta in so many bright colours like orange, pink and blue is like a carnival of colours. Anyone who says too many colours don’t go well together should take a look at this gorgeous bride and then decide. If you are comfortable wearing it, then you do you girl! It’s your wedding day, after all!

Floral Fiesta

Another masterpiece that we came across when putting together this list is this cutesy bride. She paired a mint green floral print dupatta with her pastel pink lehenga. She added it on as a second dupatta while her pink dupatta was also used as a drape around her hairdo. As you might have noticed already, the bride and groom are perfectly coordinated and yet their outfits are in contrast within themselves. The groom wore a pastel pink sherwani with a mint green safa, and the bride complemented his look with a green dupatta. Such love, much wow!

Subtle Contrasts

This simple and subtle bride went for a contrasting burgundy dupatta with her pastel pink lehenga. While they are different shades, they are one of those combinations which look great together irrespective. If you want to add a contrasting factor to your outfit but do not want to go all out or overboard, you can opt for this combination. Some other safe contrasting combinations are red and green, pink and green, beige and pink, blue and yellow etc.

The Classic Combo

Since we are talking about classic combinations that are contrasting but still go great together, we just cannot leave out white and red. This is the OG of contrasts, after all! The stunning bride opted for bright red zari work dupatta with her pristine white lehenga and it looks so good! Paired with the right jewellery and makeup, this is an attire fit for royals.

Olive Green With a Tinge of Blue 

Brides, if you're wearing a hatke bridal outfit, then we recommend you to wear an olive green bridal lehenga like this bride wore on her wedding day and pair a stunning blue dupatta to go with it. We bet your bridal outfit with a contrasting dupatta will make everyone amazed for sure. 

Final Words From ShaadiSaga 

Some stunners these beautiful brides were, right? When deciding your trousseau for the wedding, the first thing you need to keep in mind is - wear what makes you happy. It’s your special day and you are the one who will cherish it more than anyone. If you want to opt for a blue dupatta with a red lehenga or a peach dupatta with a purple one, you do it! And if you are happy inside, trust us, you will look stunning on the outside.


We hope we were able to give you some good ideas for choosing contrasting dupattas with your bridal attire. Feel free to drop a word in the comments section. Toodles!

11 Real Brides Showed Us How To Wear Contrasting Dupattas With Their Bridal Lehenga!

by Manvi Malhotra

11 Real Brides Showed Us How To Wear Contrasting Dupattas With Their Bridal Lehenga!