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Out of all the jewellery pieces, if there's an adornment that instantly uplifts the bridal look, it is none other than a 'Nath'. A mere hoop latched around the nose accentuates a bride's facial features and brings an unmissable persona to the overall look. Owing to this alluring charm that a nath lends, almost every bride dreams of wearing a nath on her big day. And the best part is, you can wear a nath even if you don't have a nose piercing.

However, deciding to wear a Nath on the wedding comes with a challenge of keeping it in place. Wearing a huge impressive Nath will sure add that oomph to your look, but what if it keeps on slipping? Well, to avoid any such Nath mishaps, here a few things you must keep in mind to wear the bridal nath like a pro. 

Bridal Nath 101: Things to keep in mind

Tips for brides without a nose piercing

Since your nose is not pierced and you don’t have any experience of wearing a nose ornament, you gotta be extra cautious and take a few measures to ensure your bridal nath stays in place on your big day.

~ Most importantly, get a knack of wearing a nath by trying it on at home soon after you buy it. See if it is comfortable and whether you will be able to carry it or not.

~ Avoid choosing a very heavy nath as it is more likely to keep slipping from your nose. Minimal naths will be your best pick!

~ In case you don’t wanna wear a simple nath, pick a visually heavy nath which is heavy in design but not by weight.

~ Remember, your bridal nath should have a curvy screw, especially if yours is a heavy nath. It ensures comfort and keeps the nath in place.

~ To avoid getting bothered by your nath on the big day, buy a nath with a flatter press point system instead of the one with a ball design.

~ Use a very dainty piece of double-sided tape to secure the nath.

~ Nath designs with attached chains are easier to carry.

~ Be gentle with your skin and refrain from pressing the nath again and again in order to keep it in place.

~ Since you have an option to take off your nath, you can consider removing the nath before eating.

Tips for brides with a nose piercing

Consider yourself lucky because a nose piercing is in itself a big advantage to keep the bridal nath in place. But despite that, here a few things you must keep in mind while buying and wearing your nath.

~ Ensure that your bridal nath is not thicker than your nose piercing or else you will not be able to wear it.

~ To avoid any last moment panic, do try the nath beforehand. Don’t be over-confident. Wear the nath for a while, check the comfort level and then buy your bridal nath. It would be very careless of you to wear it straight on the wedding day. You never know it might be too loose or tight, uncomfortable or just not suit your face.

~ Practice eating with your nath on to avoid any sorts of discomfort on the wedding day.

~ Sanitise your nose ring before wearing it. After all, being precautious is better than inviting an infection.

~  When considering huge or heavy naths, prefer the ones with a ringed design or an attached chain that will keep the entire thing balanced.

~ Make sure that your bridal nose ring is latched properly. Also, it should neither be too tight or too loose.

Some general but very important things to keep in mind

~ Refrain from fidgeting the nath again and again at your wedding. It will only lead to more itching and discomfort.

~ Don’t get the nose pierced soon before the wedding. The piercing should be at least 2 months old so as to be ready for a bridal nath.

~ Choose comfort above all! You might be more tempted to buy an elaborate nath but if it is not comfortable, it will show on your face. So, choose wisely!

~ Be extra careful if you are wearing a veil as it might get stuck get in your dupatta and cause pain. 


Do you know of any other Nath hack? Share them with your fellow brides, in the comments!

Clever & Much-needed Bridal Nath Hacks Every Bride MUST Know Of!

by Medha Chawla

Clever & Much-needed Bridal Nath Hacks Every Bride MUST Know Of!