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Considering what a rollercoaster 2021 has been, we're not surprised by the amazing things we've seen trending in the wedding industry. And that includes bridal makeup as well!

Be it high-octane glamour or the more subtle, natural looks, brides in 2021 have wowed us with their gorgeous makeup looks and it's all thanks to their talented MUAs that have executed every look with such finesse. And much like our predicted trends, 2021 has given us some of the best makeup trends to take inspo from for the upcoming wedding season. 

From brides ready to glam it up to some choosing to go the natural and minimal way, we've seen it all. And the critics have spoken. Here are the best bridal makeup trends we've spotted in 2021 till now!

2021 Bridal Makeup Trends We Loved So Far

1. The Au Naturel Makeup Look

Every bride suffers from the dillema of choosing between high-glam makeup and natural makeup looks. And those that choose the latter have always wowed us with their simple yet elegant looks. Looking fresh-faced and effortlessly beautiful, these brides are downright gorgeous with their natural looking makeup!

2. Shimmery Eyelids

While 2020 and 2019 were all about the cut-crease, 2021 saw the comeback of shimmery eyeshadow. Many brides and their bridal makeup artists chose to layer up with shimmery eyeshadows instead of glitter. Not only do these look super gorgeous but are relatively less messy to carry irrespective of the weather! 

SS Tip: If you're a monsoon bride looking to add some extra glow to your look, chose a shimmery eyeshadow instead of glitter!

3. Brown Smokey Eyes

Honestly, as much as we love the minimal makeup vibe, we do appreciate a dramatic smokey eye look now and again. However, in 2021, we rarely saw brides sport a pitch-black smokey eye look. Instead, we were lucky enough to see many don the smokey eye but with neutral and dark brown tones. 

4. Colourful Lips

Oh, how we love it when brides decide to wear a dramatic and colourful lip instead of the age old neutral. From bright pinks and rust to mauves and red, we're head over heels for brides that're embracing the colourful lip trend!

5. Rise Of The Bright Matte Eyes

Let's just say this one's probably our favourite. Matte eyeshadows are generally utiliksed to create less dramatic looks for brides. However, in recent times, we've seen the rise of matte eyeshadows in such vibrant, colourful ways that we can't help but swoon! Don't they look extremely chic!?

6. Glowing Makeup Look For Brides

Glowing makeup looks aren't as easy to slay as many would think. It takes a certain level of artistry on behalf of the MUA to make their brides glow without looking like they've been doused in highlighters. And these brides surely channel the natural looking glowing highlight perfectly! 

Source Amrit Kaur

Source Amrit Kaur

Final Words

Though at the beginning of 2021, we predicted the comeback of many bridal makeup trends, we're glad we saw the above-mentioned stick and stand out. Nevertheless, 2021 is still three months away from being over and something new and trendy could pop up any time soon! So, keep your eyes on us as we keep bringing you more fun bridal makeup looks and inspo!


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Best Bridal Makeup Trends That We've Loved So Far In 2021!

by Shivani Singh

Best Bridal Makeup Trends That We've Loved So Far In 2021!