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We all know how tricky bridal makeup can be. A little too much and you look like you dipped your face in highlighter or a little too less and you end up looking basic.

Now, after being your own makeup artist and skincare expert for so many years, you will always know what works best for you. All we can do is take inspiration from those ideas and facts and bring to you looks that can be recreated for your wedding. And when it comes to your wedding day, you need a look that compliments your bridal ensemble! 

Furthermore, 2020 has been a year of change. And bridal makeup trends are ever-changing. That's why we've partnered up with Zorain's Studio, one of the biggest makeup academy of talented artist, who pioneer in gorgeous bridal makeups and stunning hairstyles. Their recommendations are bound to turn your heads and help you come up with the ideal makeup look for your wedding day. From shimmering golds to deep set smokey and bronzed looks, here are 21 bridal makeup looks perfect for the winter season that is sure to tickle your makeup lovin' senses! ?

Elegant Bridal Makeup Looks For Winter Weddings

The Quintessential Traditional Look

Many brides, especially South Indian brides, prefer to keep their makeup to a minimal, avoiding bright colours, glitters or bright lipstick. For them, it's all about the subtle beauty of being true to yourself. Plus, the outfits and jewellery, in general, are so OTT, that a minimal makeup look works best for them.

That 'Hip' Sangeet Look!

Who doesn't want to look like a bronzed goddess at their wedding? While many may consider bronzed looks ideal for summers, this particular look, which mixes the warmth of a bronzer with that a cool-toned eye makeup look like silver, and of course, lots of highlighters, is perfect for a winter wedding makeup look!

An OTT Bridal Makeup Look

Now, we've seen the subtle ones, the no-makeup looks and even the nude makeup looks. But our favourite moment is when brides go OTT in every sense when it comes to their makeup. Bold, bright eyes, with tons of bronzer and highlight and a gorgeous rusty lip shade that steals anyone and everyone's heart in one glance- that's the look you want to go in for if you're looking to slay!

Halo Eyes Never Disappoint

One of the greatest eye makeup trends we've ever come across is the halo eye makeup. It's a look that puts the focus on the centre of the eyelid with a sparkling shade in between, sandwiched between a bright or dark shade like pink, brown or black. It's one of the best makeup trends, that allows your makeup artist to playfully experiment with a lot of shimmer on your face, which we're all in for!

Blink In Pink

Honestly, nothing wins us over more than pink! A colour that can be used to add a playful touch to a season that's mostly covered in browns and blues. These pink-based looks by the talented artists at Zorain's Studio are evident of the beauty this colour holds and the endless ways in which it can be customised to create from the most delicate looks to the boldest, out there, looks.

SS Tip: Our suggestion is that you pair your look with a nice glossy pout!

Shine On With A Champagne-y Look

This champagne and rose coloured makeup look is truly a unique and whimsical combination to marvel at. It's soft, yet glowing just at the right places and the heavy lashes are doing a wonderful job at putting more emphasis on the eyes. Truthfully, there's nothing that would look better on a bride on her engagement day than this makeup combination!

Be A Part Of The Glitterati Squad!

From subtle shimmer to brilliant and sparkly, glitter has always stood the test of time when it comes to creating chic, exquisite makeup looks. While glitter might not be something you utilise every day when applying your eye makeup, it's a great element to be used in your bridal makeup look, especially when you want to try something new just for the fun of it!

Dazzle With A Bright Red Lip

Red lipstick is to makeup lovers as the Super Bowl is to sports fans, cashew ice cream is to vegans, and cheese is to pizzas—essential, addictive, and deliciously intoxicating. And we can talk all day about how unequivocally dreamy and on-point the red lip is, but we'll let you be the judge of that. After all, what's the fun in voicing the beauty of something when it can be simply admired without a word from afar?

The Stunning Cool Toned Silver Eye

The eyes of a bride have their own vocabulary. Generally, bridal makeup is on the warmer sides with foundations of browns and reds topped off with oodles of goldens. However, makeup artists, like Zorain's Studio, have never shied away from playing with cool-toned eyeshadow colours. Cool-toned eyeshadows, paired with the right false eyelashes and lipstick, can create some of the most stunning yet naturally flattering eye makeup looks. And as the winter wedding season begins, brides are embracing cool-toned colours for both their outfits as well as their makeup. So, why shouldn't you?


So, which of these bridal makeup looks is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Bridal Makeup Looks To Rock This Winter Wedding Season!

by Shivani Singh

The Best Bridal Makeup Looks To Rock This Winter Wedding Season!