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As a bride-to-be, what is the one aspect of wedding shopping that you're most excited about? Well, let us guess, your 'Bridal Lehenga Shopping', isn't it? Like, obviously! That's the first thing every bride-to-be is overwhelmed and even frantic about. And well, just because your wedding lehenga is what primarily defines your bridal look and has to be the one that resonates with your personal style which screams 'You' in every sense; it is worth all the hustle. Which makes it all the more essential for you to put in a considerate amount of time and thought in choosing your bridal lehenga.

Because we know the importance of carefully finalizing THE lehenga for your wedding, we thought to help you with some tips that you should take notes of to ease up your bridal lehenga shopping. These are not only your basic bridal lehenga buying tips but essential Dos & Don'ts that would make your bridal lehenga shopping a lot easier and less challenging.

If you still haven't stepped out in the sun on a look out for your perfect lehenga then stay a little longer inside and read this blog, we're sure you're gonna thank us for this. Get your notes ready and skim through this blog to avoid making those bridal lehenga shopping mistakes.

Things to keep in mind before going bridal lehenga shopping

1. Have an approximate budget 

Having a fixed or at least an appropriate budget set aside for your bridal lehenga specifically is a must. It's like an inevitable pro bridal lehenga buying tip for obvious reasons.

2. Be picky of people you take along

A huge mistake that so many brides-to-be end up making is taking too many people along for her wedding lehenga shopping. Taking a lot of people with you won't only be an unnecessary hassle but, also lead to as many different opinions confusing you further. Not just that, who you take along matters too. It's always recommended to take those people along who understand your tastes and styles.

3. Avoid considering endless number of options

Of course, skimming through a variety of stores and various bridal pieces is a must but, trying on way too many lehengas with a never-ending search is a no-no. An essential bridal lehenga buying tip is to not try a plethora of ensembles and not be on a lookout for too many options. In fact, clearly stray away from stores and designers that are out of your budget. Try to not even try on the lehengas that are out of your budget to avoid indecisiveness.

4. Research well to find out what you want

An essential shopping tip for bridal lehenga primarily is to have your research done properly. The trends and styles that are in, the ones that are a passe, the types of lehengas that are apt for your body shape and the colour that you'd like are some of the key aspects that you should work through to figure out your bridal style. Deciding between going OTT or minimal bridal style is also important to find out. Even if you aren't sure, at least having an idea of what you'd like is a must.

5. Know what's trending but, don't follow blindly

Now, obviously being aware of the latest bridal lehenga trends and styles is a must but, following them blindly just because they're "in" is something you shouldn't be doing at all. Your aim shouldn't be just to slip into the trendiest of lehengas but, to look your stylish best while being your absolute comfy self. Opting even for the most basic of lehengas is okay as long as you're pulling it off with absolute ease and sheer grace.

6. A strong groundwork about markets & designers

It is also essential to know about all the places that you can head to for your shopping. With so many designers and markets to consider for bridal lehenga shopping, it might get a tad bit difficult. But, knowing where to buy bridal lehenga from and then zeroing down to the stores, markets, and designers you'd like to check out is a must.

7. Shopping timeline

Holding utmost importance is this aspect of bridal lehenga shopping that needs way too attention of yours. One of the most common questions that we're always bombarded with in our #AskUsAnythingWeddings is about the right time to shop bridal lehenga.
And ladies, we're breaking it down for you. Start looking for your lehenga 4-6 months prior to your wedding and never before that because of changing trends. Take as much time as you want in these months but make sure to finalize your piece 2-3 months prior to your wedding. Your bridal lehenga is obviously gonna take at least a month to get ready and then it'll be followed by all those trials and fittings and of course your jewellery and accessory shopping which is time-consuming too. Now, you wouldn't want to be doing all this with your pre-wedding ceremonies just a week away, right? Follow this timeline and believe us, you'll be sorted.

8. Have you chosen your jewellery already?

If you've chosen your jewellery already then, don't forget to keep that in mind while choosing your bridal lehenga. Your pre-decided jewellery will help you decide your lehenga's colour and the appropriate fancy neckline of the blouse too.

9. Avoid impulsive buying

The last thing any bride-to-be would want is to end up regretting her purchase later. Which is why impulsive buying is a clear no-no! Before you finally set your heart on a bridal lehenga, get back home and take a day or two's time to think through your choices and then finalize one.

10. What you MUST remember!

Now, there are a certain MUSTs that you have to have to adhere to for a better understanding of all the outfits you're gonna try. First, DO have a little makeup on when going lehenga shopping. Lightly flushed cheeks and a little lip stain is a must. Secondly, DO carry some jewellery so that you can try it on with the lehenga. That little makeup and jewellery of yours would help you in getting an idea about the overall look of the lehenga on you.


Happy Shopping brideys!

Important Tips to Have Fuss-free Days of Bridal Lehenga Shopping

by Divya Arora

Important Tips to Have Fuss-free Days of Bridal Lehenga Shopping