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While the year 2020 was a bummer in many ways, the 2020 brides didn't disappoint us at all. Whether it was the intimate wedding or the virtual sangeet party, we had enough reasons to crush on them despite the coronavirus outbreak in India. From these stunning outfits to decor, intimate weddings of 2020 saw a wave of fresh and unique ideas. And, one such thing that took our breath away was the bridal jewellery trend that we loved in 2020. So, without further wasting time let us look at some of the bridal jewellery trends of 2020 that made us swoon over. 

Bridal Jewellery Trends That We Loved In 2020

Bridal Jewellery Trends of 2020 By Celebrity Brides 

1. Kajal Aggarwal's Moon and Star Mathapatti

Did you think we didn't notice it? Well, her pretty mathapatti was pretty much the queen of all mathapattis we saw in 2020.

2. Anisa Malhothra's Gold and Emerald Kanauti 

While the bride chose classics for everything we loved the dash of green in her jewellery and the delicate kanauti that she wore for her pheras.

3. Miheeka's White Chooda

Well, you knew this before we even mentioned. Rana Dagubatti's wife almost broke the internet with her unusual colour choice in chooda and we are head-over-heels. 

4. Miheeka's Shell Jewellery

While floral jewellery for Mehndi or Haldi is a common concept now, Miheeka chose shell jewellery and looked nothing less than a diva.

5. Kajal Aggarwal's Chunky Kalire

Amidst all the classic choices, the South superstar Kajal Aggarwal picked the chunkiest and the most eye-catching kaleeras and we are totally in love with it. 

6. Neha Kakkar's Elaborate Passa

While we truly believe passa look elegant on every bride, Neha Kakkar's elaborate passa with pearl accents made us realise just how much they can add to any look.

7. Neha Kakar's Diamond Necklace

On an all-white ensemble, the bridal jewellery trend that we cannot get off our heads is the dainty diamond necklace with emeralds being the only dash of colour on Neha Kakkar's bridal look.

Polki Bridal Jewellery Trends We Loved in 2020

8. Glimmering Polkis 

This bride's shining bright polkis on the classic red bridal lehenga stole our hearts while it added the perfect hint of sparkle to her demeanour.

9. Layered Beauty

The only bridal jewellery inspiration you need to see in 2020 is this gorgeous jadau-polki layered necklace with the perfect dash of emeralds.

Source Nanda Gopal

Quirky Bridal Jewellery Trends of 2020 You Gotta See

10. Exquisite Haathphool

While you may have seen gazillion haathphool designs, we promise you this crystal and seashells encrusted haathphool will give you #BrideGoals immediately. 

11. Seashell Kaleere

We were accustomed to kaleere being traditional and chunky until we saw the breathtaking seashell and pearls kaleera that a 2020 bride carried off with swag.

12. OTT Mathapatti

This bride's OTT multilayered mathapatti had a bohemian feel to it that we are totally feeling and loving. Aren't you?

13. Dainty Hair Accessory

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to royal jewellery trends, here's a bride that carried off a specially designed hair accessory for her plait with Kundan strings that blew our minds.

14. Customised Nath Design

We love customised jewellery on brides especially when they are as beautiful as this delicate nath design with the groom's name on it. 

Pretty Bridal Jewellery Trends that You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off

15. Big Cocktail Rings

If big rings are your calling here's a pretty cocktail ring with a big mirror in the centre and pearl accented design that makes for one of our favourite bridal jewellery trends.

16. Maharani Haar

If you love emeralds and a royal look for your jewellery, this one of a kind eye-catching maharani haar with layered strings of emeralds and an elaborate motif with peacocks in the centre will make your day. 

17. Chunky Maangtikka and Matching Earrings

Not every bride can carry off a chunky maangtikka with elaborate earrings, but here's a bride who's choice will prove you wrong.

Classic Bridal Jewellery Trends that Will Never Go Out of Style

18. Breathtaking Gold Choker Necklace With Pearl Drops

For the brides that love the traditional gold choker necklace, this 2020 jewellery trend will make you stand out even with the classic choice.

19. Traditional Mathapatti with a Twist

If you love the traditional mathapatti, here’s a pure Rajasthani style design that’ll remind you of the times of your great grandmother’s antique possessions. 

20. All-Time Classic Rani Haar

If emeralds are your first love, here’s an emerald rani haar that's both classic and yet very chic for the millennial brides of today.

21. The Jodha Style OTT Jewellery

If classic but OTT jewellery is your style, here’s a never seen before diamond jewellery trend of 2020 that’ll remind you of Jodha bai and her breathtaking jewellery.

Source Pinterest

22. Authentic Headgear For The Classy Brides

Another example of an authentic traditional headgear that proves to be the highlight for any millennial bride who loves the timeless designs.

23. Delicate Moon Motif Maangtikka

Among the OTT classic jewellery trends of 2020, here’s a minimalist design for the brides that love delicate jewellery.

24. Classic Design with Modern Touch

Now here’s a bridal choker ornamented with fine polkis, Basra pearls & amethysts that is sure to make every bride go weak in the knees. 

Artificial Bridal Jewellery Trends That Defined 2020

25. Mirror Work Haathphool

A colourful mirror work haathphool for the millennial brides to add a little bit of funk to their attire while also keeping it casual.

26. Mirror Work Choker Necklace

Another brilliant trend of 2020 is using the mirror work for your artificial jewellery in a pretty choker necklace with beads in a waterfall design.

27. Beautiful Thread Work Maangtikka

Amidst a gazillion average idealism here’s a maangtikka design with colour threads that truly stands out from the jewellery trends of 2020.

28. Floral Aad Necklace

While you might have come across many floral necklace designs, here's a colour combination and Aad jewellery design that truly stands out making it to the list of best jewellery trends of 2020.

29. Peacock Kaleere

The prettiest peacock kaleeras in gold make for another bridal jewellery trend of 2020 that is sure to continue in 2021 as well. 

30. Beautiful Thread Bangles

Busting the myths of millennial brides that thread bangles don’t look rich, here’s a perfect example of thread bangles being worn on the wedding day as a trend of 2020.

Source Natashha


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Best Bridal Jewellery Trends That We Loved In 2020

by Chinar Ghorawat

Best Bridal Jewellery Trends That We Loved In 2020