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Apart from looking downright beautiful and smelling divine, there's more to gajras than just being ornamental flowers. From braids to bridal buns, gajras have adorned bridal hairstyles since the beginning of time. After all, they symbolise good luck, happiness, prosperity and most importantly, love. Plus, they bring joy and a touch of happiness to the bride who dons it for her wedding day. We, in fact, have loved gajras forever!

And for that reason itself, there cannot be enough inspiration of gajra hairstyles for brides. It's an undying trend that we want 2021 brides to embrace it without thinking twice! So, without further ado, be it for a South Indian bride or a North Indian bride, here are all the fun ways you can accessorise your bridal hairstyle with gajras!

Trending Bridal Hairstyles With Gajras

1. Gajras Encircling Bridal Buns 

Brides, let us tell you something. If you're looking to style your hair in a chic manner with a gajra, then choose to wrap it around your bun neatly. Also, don't forget to bookmark these lightweight buns for your wedding functions. 

2. Gajras With Hair Ornaments For An Extra Touch

One can never have enough hair accessories as the bride. Thus, if you're looking to add a pretty touch to your look, then maybe an ornament along with your gajra would be perfect for you!

3. Gajras Covering The Entire Hair Bun

OTT gajra buns anyone? We absolutely love it when brides choose to cover their entire buns with gajras. Can you imagine how gorgeous and fragrant that bun would look?

4. Gajras Wrapped Around Braids That We Love

Brides, if you're looking to rock a braid on your wedding, then why not jazz it up with a thick gajra to your hairstyle, by wrapping it around your long braid?

Source Richa Dave

5. Use Your Gajra As A Scrunchie

Ever used a gajra as a scrunchie? Check out this amazing tutorial on how you can easily add a gajra to your simple ponytail and add a whimsical spark to it!

6. Keep It Cute With A Semi-Circular Gajra

Let's be honest, guys. Semi circular gajras are cute AF! We've seen brides opt for this style either when they want to keep it minimal or when they want to go on all-out with layers and layers of the flowers.

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7. A Simple Gajra Bun With A Braid

For all the brides-to-be who're searching for a new kind of option for their braids, choose to put your gajra on like a bun on top of your braid and if you're feeling extra special, add some jewellery to it!

8. A Combination Of Gajras And Other Flowers

We all love those OTT brides who not only use gajras but also add a few other kinds of flowers like roses and marigolds to jazz up their hairdos. So, if you're feeling it, then go ahead and choose more flowers.

9. Cascading Gajra Lines Adorning Bridal Braids

One of the most unique ways of using the gajra in your bridal hairstyle is by letting it flow freely atop your braid. The style looks effortless and we're all for it!

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20 Bridal Hairstyles With The Classic Gajras As Accessory

by Shivani Singh

20 Bridal Hairstyles With The Classic Gajras As Accessory