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Brides with curly hair are queens crowned in their curls. Beach waves, loose curls, springy hair, tasselled locks - the names for curly hair are endless. But the problem for every bride with curly hair is the same that they can flaunt their natural texture but are limited.

Curly-haired girls have always heard remarks along the lines of 'maggie noodles' and 'why don't you straighten them'. However, having curly hair is something others will never get but you. In fact, one thing girls with curly hair are well aware of is that they have curls what others run to salons for. They may need blowdryers and straighteners occasionally, but they will never need a curling tong to get those flawless messy curls. 

And even though many hair stylists will give you the advice to straighten your hair temporarily or permanently, we urge you to embrace them. We're in an age where every hair texture is loved and marvelled at, especially naturally curly hair. A bride flaunting her curly hair will always give off a very vibrant, fun-loving and endearing vibe. So, to make sure you never have to let go of those beautiful tresses, here are some examples of bridal hairstyle ideas for curly hair. 

Hairstyles For Brides With Curly Hair To Rock

Effortless Tight Or Loose Buns 

The most fuss-free way to style your curls is to tie them up in a nice bun. Whether you choose to make a tight updo or go in for something loose and flowy, your natural texture will be much more manageable in a hair bun. If you're worried about baby hair wreaking havoc around your forehead, then just use a hair spray and brush them backwards to keep them from moving too much. To magnify the beauty of your tresses, add flowers, gajras or even dainty hair accessories at the knot.


This beautiful side bun has us won over! Ensure you keep a few locks of hair out of it, so that they cascade down the side of your face and give more dimension to the look.

Sleek hair buns that are covered entirely in gajras are love. And if you want a more polished look, then straighten only the top half of your hair before completing the look. 

Everyone's favourite Dangal girl has flaunted her curls in many ways, and this updo is just one of them.

A low laying, messy bun made with curly hair will never disappoint. Don't forget to add a few be dazzling hairpins!

Source LALA

This textured low bun with twisted hair and adorations of baby's breath is just adorable. This makes a perfectly stylish curly hair bridal hairstyle.

We're absolutely in love with this quick DIY hairstyle by Instagrammer Sarah Angius. Check out her tutorial below to see how she puts her gorgeous curls into a no-fuss, no-muss updo. 

Braided Buns Worth Trying

While braids and bun individually are a lot of fun wearing, together they're a BOMB combination! Such hairdo combine the finesse of a bun and the playfulness of a braid into one fantastic look. 


This one's worth the bookmark! Ask your stylist to make multiple french braids of your hair and then tie them all together in a neat bun at the end. The result will be a fetching hairdo perfect for your wedding.

Match your side bun with a side braid if you have shoulder-length curls. This look is breezy and hard not to try. 

Source Pinterest

This curly hair hairstyle is mesmerising. Mix your curls into lace braids on the top and bring them together into a messy bun, then add a few flowers for added charm. 

We all love a minimal yet gorgeously floral bridal hairstyle! Tie your curls into rope braids and twist them into a neat bun, before adding some beautiful flowers.

A combination of crown braids and low buns is as royal as it gets. Just the aesthetics of this bun is enough to make it a hit among curly-haired brides. 

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#Trendy Half-Tied Hair Curls

To tie or not to tie, that is the question. Half-open, half tied curly hair are bound to win anyone and everyone over. They're truly easy to carry and alluring in every possible way. Plus, they make a great choice for those who aren't sure whether they should tie their hair or let them loose. 


There's nothing more stunning than letting your curls reign free with a hairdo like this. And that small floral hair clip is just lovely!

Double rows of crown braids with open hair? Yes, please!

This half bun with open curls is all love! We're sure it'll make for a fantastic Mehendi hairstyle. 

If you wish to give your hair a neat touch, then twist them on the top and tie them in a half-open ponytail. The ponytail will make your hair look more voluminous.

Looking for an easy way to style your hair for your Haldi? Half-open ponytails, honestly, look every bit gorgeous on curly hair. Especially if they're paired with dainty real flowers like daisies. 

Braid 'Em Up!

Braids are, possibly, the easiest way to style your curly hair. You get to keep your curly locks in check, while also flaunting your volume. Plus, they give you the opportunity to add jewellery to your hair, adding more luminosity than before. 


If you’re lucky enough to have lovely long, thick, heavy hair with curly texture, then try out a chunky braid for you Sangeet or Mehendi function. 

This one's delightful yet uncomplicated. Shoulder length curly hair can be used to make ponytails with half dutch braids. 

Another one for the french braid lovers. This combination of laced up french braids with open curls at the end is every bit fabulous for your Reception. 

Chic Side Braids

There is no denying that side braids are not just a trendy curly hair bridal hairstyle but uber-chic as well. Furthermore, side braids help add dimension to your hairstyle. While it is not very easy to side braid curly hair on your own, with the help of an expert, this hairstyle is perfect for any of your wedding functions. In fact, side braids do not need any further embellishments as they look like tiny crowns in themselves. 

Source sarahangius

Let Them Free!

Happiness is untamable, free-flowing, curly hair. Honestly, when you got it, you gotta flaunt it! Sweeping your curly mane onto one side while letting the wind flow through them freely is one way to go. And it doesn't matter if they're short, shoulder-length or really long, open curly hair are fun!


Spotted your favourites yet? Then start bookmarking!

Brides With Curly Hair- Check Out These Fun Ways To Style Your Hair

by Shivani Singh

Brides With Curly Hair- Check Out These Fun Ways To Style Your Hair