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Source: Behance; Sunny Dhiman Photography 

Since our childhood, we start dreaming about our wedding day, right? And to be specific, about our bridal lehenga. There are so many talented designers in our country, who are slaying the fashion industry. And with their stunning designs, it’s really hard to choose the one for your wedding day. Sometimes we swoon with Sabyasachi's traditional designs and on other days, it's hard to get our eyes off from Abhinav Mishra's modish lehengas. But have you ever thought what your sun sign has to say about this or how to choose your bridal designer as per your zodiac sign?

Fret, not because we've picked the best bridal designers as per zodiac sign. So, without any further ado, let’s check out your designer!  

Bridal Designer For Your Wedding Day According To Your Zodiac Sign

Source ShaadiSaga

♈ Aries | Anita Dongre

Aries are known for their cheerful nature and full of energy. And, just like your personality, you love all colours! Anita Dongre's collection is always filled with peppy colours and vivid designs. And we could not choose any other designer for you. The variety she has, from printed to embellished, you will not be disappointed. 

♉ Tauras | Anamika Khanna

People born from April 20-May 20 are represented with the bull. It means that they are strong and reliable. While seeing Anamika Khanna's intricate designs, we immediately know how glamorous it would look at any Tauras woman. Her designs are usually very complicated which makes her outfits unique and drop-dead-gorgeous.  

♊ Gemini | Gaurav Gupta

The element air is used for this sun sign. Have you ever seen Gaurav Gupta's designs? You will surely understand why we have chosen this for Geminis. The designer changed the fashion game with his flowy and wavy designs. They are not only different but subtle in colours too (just like any Gemini bride-to-be!). 

♋ Cancer | Abhinav Mishra

Cancerians are very sensitive and loyal people. They will always show you who they are. They don't believe in the concept of faking anything and they're crystal clear just like a mirror! Abhinav Mishra is slaying the fashion industry with his dainty mirror work outfits and we think that his designs are one of a kind, and would be perfect for Cancer brides who are getting married soon!

♌ Leo | Sulakshna Monga

Vivacious in nature, Leo people are very creative and generous. Sulakshna Monga has been creating elegant handcrafted pieces for today's woman. The colours she uses are cheerful and vibrant and you will see unique designs and embroidery on her outfits. For all the OTT Leo brides, her traditional bridal lehenga designs will win your hearts. 

♍ Virgo | Sabyasachi

You must be aware of the fact that Virgo women are considered perfectionists. We thought of connecting the dots with the epitome of bridal lehengas. Yes! We are talking about Sabyasachi. We could not think of any other designer who can match your level. 

♎ Libra | Manish Malhotra

Libras will always find a way to balance everything. Be it their work, personal lives, or bridal lehenga. The perfect combination of traditional designs with a modern touch, Manish Malhotra's outfits will suit any Libra's sassy style. His unique necklines will complement your rich taste in art. 

♏ Scorpio | Amit Aggarwal

Known for their bold and compassionate nature, scorpions will never miss a chance to make an impact. But on the other hand, there is a mysterious side too. And only Amit Aggarwal's off-beat designs with his metallic touch can give you the best look for your wedding day. 

♐ Sagittarius | Anushree Reddy

Their fun-loving nature and spontaneous attitude can be unpredictable sometimes. Anushree Reddy's bridal outfits are just like that. From a proper traditional lehenga to modern-age outfits, she will not disappoint you with her quirky and new designs. 

♑ Capricorn |Tarun Tahiliani

Sanskaari in nature, a Capricorn bride would want to have the best of both worlds. She will go to the moon when it comes to making her wedding perfect. And Tarun Tahiliani's unique colour combinations will suit them the best. His latest collection with ombre lehengas is totally worth it. 

♒ Aquarius | Kresha Bajaj

If you know an Aquarius woman, you must know that she is an unconventional lady with IDC attitude. Kresha Bajaj's millennial designs will be perfect for those brides who don't want to keep things cliché. Enjoy your wedding and chill in a modish Kresha Bajaj lehenga. 

♓ Pisces | Jade By Monica & Karishma

A Piscean has the ability to be emotional when she's feeling her best. She can be confident and vulnerable at the same time. And outfits by Jade by Monica and Karishma are there to satisfy your soul. Choose from their diverse collection and rock your day. 

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Which designer did you get? Tell us in the comments section

Check Out Your Bridal Designer As Per Zodiac Sign For Your Dream Wedding Day!

by Rashmi Jayara

Check Out Your Bridal Designer As Per Zodiac Sign For Your Dream Wedding Day!