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This lockdown due to COVID-19 has turned us all into extreme DIY-ers. From whipping up Dalgona coffees and white sauce Maggies and even cutting your own bangs, our hands are just itching to do something fun, new, and informative. And to add to your list of 'Been There Done That', we're back with another one of our #SSQuarantineSessions. This time with hairstylist Hiral Bhatia!

Hiral Bhatia is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked with some of the most sought after Bollywood fashion icons. She's known for her progressive hairstyles and techniques, with a keen compulsion to create loos that leave an everlasting impression. And today, she is here to talk us through a very simple yet fun DIY hairstyle in the form of soft, effortless curls!

Learn How To Do Curls At Home With Celebrity Hairstylist

"The key to achieving a good curl is the right kind of instrument and the amount of time you hold your hair in the wand," Hiral dives right into the live session with informative content.

Before she began the tutorial, Hiral explained to the viewers the different kinds of hair styling equipment out there, like wands, curling irons, straighteners. She further went on to elaborate that the size of the wand and the shape of it, along with the time you hold your hair on the wand affect the way your hair is curled. In fact, the longer you hold your hair on the wand, the tighter your curls are. Moreover, when you section your hair, the size of each section also fixes the kind of curl pattern you will achieve. The smaller your sections are, the more spring-like your curls will be. 

For this session, Hiral informs us that she has prepped her hair by washing them, followed by a leave-in conditioner. Once her hair was dry, she further prepped it with a texturising spray, which also works as a heat protection spray. She explained before starting that it is essential to segregate your hair in sections and then curl them. Her demonstration is one of the many examples of how one can achieve effortless curls at home. 

Watch the video below to find out how to curl your hair at home with essential tips and tricks from celebrity hairstylist and colourist Hiral Bhatia.

During the live session, Hiral told the viewers on how to style their hair and take care of it. From the types of hairstyling equipment to ways to care for different kinds of here, she walks us through them as she continued to curl her hair. Her talk also educated us on how we can take care of our hair during the lockdown with simple kitchen ingredients, like rice water and papaya. 

So, if you're a hairstyling buff and looking to learn something new then this live session is for you! It's informative, instructive and furthermore very helpful in a time when we have a lot of time on our hands. And honestly, we could all use educational information to further our personal skill set.


Leave your thoughts on this live session in the comments. And stay tuned every day at 6 pm to develop a new skill!

Effortless Curls Tutorial With Hiral Bhatia -#SSQuarantineSessions

by Shivani Singh

Effortless Curls Tutorial With Hiral Bhatia -#SSQuarantineSessions