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Your bridal makeup is the final thing on your checklist to achieve that dream wedding look. It plays a major role in bringing it all together. And while we're sure you've already piled up tons of unique makeup inspiration on your mood board, it's important to turn your attention to the classics sometimes. 

Think back to all the clichés in your mind about the quintessential Indian bride- but don't toss them away. Embrace those clichés and let your makeup artist reinvent them for you! That's what the modern bride is all about. Bringing back the traditional and reinventing it in their image. Similarly, Indian bridal makeup has changed a lot from the standard liner and red lips formula. It has been a beautiful transition to witness. Today, there is no right or wrong, just the look that works best for you. And while hopping onto the trend bandwagon may seem tempting when it comes to bridal makeup, it's best to stick to something that doesn't change your look, rather just elevates your features. 

Want to revisit some of the best traditional bridal makeup looks for your wedding? Scroll down to check out our favourite bold traditional makeup looks for brides!

Bold & Traditional Bridal Makeup Looks

1. Bright Eyes For The Fearless Bride

Trying out bold colours, glitters, eyeliner trends is never a thing to be discouraged (floating eyeliner and feather brows, anyone?). Every and any bride can rock a good bright eye makeup look. Plus, for the 'pandemic bride' these bright eye makeup looks are perfect to rock over a face mask. Here are some of our favs!

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2. Eye-Catching Lip Shades

Playing with different lipstick colours is always fun. Be it bright or dark, your lipstick is one of the factors that make you look bold and fetching. Whether you choose red, pink or plum, your lipstick will make you look attractive and give you a boost of confidence and warmth on your face. Ranging from cult favourites like deep reds to quirky glitter flips and alluring purples, Indian brides have proved time and again that there isn't a single colour they cannot execute without looking ravishing. 

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3. Blushed & Bronzed Like A Goddess

No matter how much we try to work with the 'no makeup look', there's no denying that a tonne of blush and bronzer just brings a much needed 'oomph' factor to a bride's look. MUAs all over the globe are all about incorporating blush and bronzer into their bridal makeup looks. They contour your cheekbones and give a gorgeous flush to the skin

Source Amrit Kaur

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4. For Those That Love That Glow

When it comes to bridal makeup, using the right amount of highlighter is essential. You don't want to put too much that it blinds everyone, but not too little that it goes unnoticed. Glowing makeup looks require highlights on various stages of applications, and give you a very natural looking glow from within look. Plus, they pair easily with lighter shades of lipsticks like pink, nude, mauve, etc. 

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5. Fanned Out Eyelashes For Expressive Eyes

Yes, mascaras are nice, but in the world of top-tier bridal makeup, false eyelashes are all the rage. While different people can have different lash needs and preferences, some lashes are indeed better than others, especially when it comes to looking good on your wedding day and staying put through the night. And our personal favourite is a beautiful, fanned outlook, which just makes your eyes even more expressive!

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Source Amrit Kaur

Final Words

Be it enhanced eye makeups, bronzed cheekbones or bold red lips, we're head over heels for a conventional bridal makeup look. Trends may come and trends may go, but the traditional look will remain a classic forever. 


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Top 5 Bold & Traditional Bridal Makeup Look Ideas That We Love

by Shivani Singh

Top 5 Bold & Traditional Bridal Makeup Look Ideas That We Love