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Keep all your wedding problems aside because the biggest confusion of them all is to pick between a bold lipstick and a nude one. Well, we do not even need to emphasize on the importance of getting your shade of lipstick right. Sometimes a perfect lipstick can even cover-up for an outfit gone wrong, therefore you just can’t take it for granted. 

While you must be sparing out all of your free time into the virtual bridal shopping that you’ll need at your wedding, we’d say take some time off to figure your bridal makeup look and the perfect lipstick shade to match with it. Bold lipstick vs nude lipstick, check out when to wear these lipstick shades and look like a million bucks at your wedding bells. ??

Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick

If you’re wondering why we’re making a big deal out of choosing between a bold lipstick and a nude lipstick, it's because the decision isn’t as easy as picking a shade for your eyeshadow. From keeping your outfit in mind to knowing what works for your skin tone and facial features, to then putting the look together keeping your jewellery and accessories in mind, choosing the right lipstick shade is more than just a preference. 

Well, have we managed to scare you enough to take us seriously? We are sure we have, but don’t worry because we’ll accompany you through the process of picking what to wear when between bold lipstick and nude lipstick. So all you have to do is scroll through and trust us to guide you towards what you’ll later call as the game-changing decision for your wedding.

When to Wear Bold Lipstick

While there is nothing unusual about brides wanting to wear the perfect red or plum lips for their wedding, we surely have a few suggestions in mind while you are at picking a bold lipstick for yourself.

1. Not All Shades Flatter Your Bridal Outfit

Your lipstick should be one that flatters your outfit instead of wearing it down. So if you’ve picked a subtle shade for bridal wear, chosen from the pastel palette or picked the traditional yellow, greens and blues, then bold red lipstick or maroon lipstick is a good choice. 

2. Bold Lipstick Isn’t for Every Lip

The size of your lips matter for the shade you’re picking too. If you have plump or fuller lips, then picking a dark plum or a bold red lipstick could be a great idea. 

3. Match Your Jewellery Always

As your necklace, earrings and maangtikka are the closest to your face a dark lipstick or a bold colour works best if your jewellery does not have too many colours or gemstones distracting the focus from your face and your lips. 

4. Work Around Your Skin Tone

Understanding your skin undertone is one of the first steps to picking the right lipstick that works for you. We’d suggest that you try out a few bold lipsticks before your wedding day, which will give you a fair idea of which lipstick shade suits you best for your wedding bells. 

When to Wear Nude Lipstick

While opting for s nude lipstick seems like the safer bet, especially for brides that are drawn towards a natural look, it might not always be the right choice. Let’s look at what all you need to know before picking the perfect nude lipstick.

1. Not All Nude Shade Lipsticks Suit You

The common myth is that nude lipsticks look good on everyone, however, that’s not true. So even if you’re picking a nude lipstick you must know which nude lipstick shades work best for you. From pink to peach, and from chocolaty brown to nude berry and mauve wear a stunning nude lipstick shade that will help you to brighten up your look instantly.

2. Pastels Can Be Tricky with Nude Lipstick

If you’re crushing over the pastel palette for bridal wear, make sure you give extra thought to your nude lipstick. Don’t let your nude lipstick colour wear you down. Instead, choose a shade brighter than the colour you’re wearing so that it adds brightness to the whole look.

3. Both Natural and Bold Makeup Can Accommodate Nude Lipstick

If you're a bride who loves the idea of looking natural or carrying off a no-makeup look for the day functions, nude lipsticks are just the right pick for you. However, even if bold makeup is your thing you can choose to make your eye makeup go bold and balance it with a perfect nude lipstick to not make it look OTT. 

4. Nude Lipsticks Post Corona with Masks On

Last and the most recent update for brides getting married in the post-corona phase is to not let the masks spoil your mood. However, one tip that you could use is to opt for bolder eye makeup as the highlight of the look as that’s what will be visible for most of the time and preferably opt for a nude lipstick that balances the combination and looks ravishing even when you take the bridal mask off. Whether you like the bolder eye makeup or opt for a natural one, the nude lipstick is sure to not go wrong when the mask comes off.

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So, are you going to be a bold lipstick kinda bride or the nude lipstick one? Tell us in the comments.

What To Wear When: Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick

by Chinar Ghorawat

What To Wear When: Bold Lipstick vs Nude Lipstick