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Your blouse design can make a hell lot of difference to your wedding outfit. Even the most spectacular & high-end designer lehenga can look completely out of place if not teamed with a suitable & well-fitted blouse. This is why your job doesn't just end after shopping for your lehenga and paying the bills. It continues until you've paired it with an equally impressive blouse that is tailored to fit your body, just perfectly. After all, the last thing you want to deal with, at your wedding, is an ill-fitted blouse. So, pay some attention to your blouse design and pick something according to your body type.

Even though you must have flooded your phone galleries with screenshots of all those fancy & unique blouse designs, hold your horses and don't get too lured. First, know if a particular blouse design would suit your body type or not and then get it stitched to your fit. Wondering how would you do that? Well, that's what we have curated this blog for! Whether you are a pear-shaped, an inverted triangle or an hourglass, we've got something for you all. We've enlisted here blouse designs for heavy bodies, slim bodies, and all the other types. Take a quick sneak peek and bookmark the best one for yourself!

Best Blouse Designs According to Your Body Type

1. Apple-shaped Body Type

If you're someone who is heavier on the top with a wide torso, a fuller bust & broad shoulders and slender on the arms & legs, you have an apple-shaped body type. 

What To Wear 

  • Wearing an elbow-sleeved blouse or a full-sleeved blouse in single colours can work wonders for you as they help to avoid bringing your key areas to highlight. 
  • Also, try opting for lighter fabrics like chiffon or georgette while sourcing material for your blouse. They easily flow down your body.

What Not To Wear 

  • Avoid wearing heavily embellished blouses or the ones that are decked up with elaborate details on the neckline.
  • Plunging necklines are a complete no for this body type.

2. Pear-shaped Body Type

Having a pear-shaped body means your weight majorly accumulates around your thighs, buttocks or arms. Your bust is smaller than your hips and you have a well-defined waist. And the best way to create balance is by shifting the focus to your bust area.

What To Wear 

  • Opt for blouse designs with fancy necklines or ones with heavy embellishments. They shift all the attention to your upper body creating a proportionate look.
  • Peplum blouses or the ones that are longer in length can also make for perfect blouse designs for such body types as they give an impression of having a longer torso. However, while picking a peplum blouse, always take note that it's sharply structured and pinched at the waist.
  • Backless blouses too work really well for pear-shaped bodies.

What Not To Wear 

  • Ditch short, bustier blouses or those blouse designs that completely hug your upper half, making it appear smaller.

3. Inverted Triangle or Strawberry-shaped Body Type

An inverted-triangle body type means that you have prominent shoulders, a heavier bust, narrower hips, and a tight waist. So, the whole trick here is to avoid drawing any sort of attention to your upper half.

What To Wear 

  • Off-shoulders and boat neck blouse designs suit the best on this body type as they balance out the bust area perfectly, accentuating the shoulders.
  • Keep the sleeves of your blouse shorter and simple as they make you look slimmer & attractive.

What Not To Wear 

  • Say a big 'No' to high-neck blouse designs as they make you appear top-heavy.
  • Steer clear of heavily embellished blouses or those crafted with thicker fabrics. They further divert all the attention to your bust.

4. Hourglass Figure

Hourglass is one of the most ideal and athletic body types. Women who are blessed with perfect proportions between their upper and lower body with a narrow waist fall in this category.

What To Wear 

  • A deep round neck blouse looks the best on an hourglass figure as it accentuates all the high points of your body, right from your collar bones to that curvaceous waist.
  • Whether you want to pick easy and flowy fabrics like net, crepe, and georgette or thicker ones like banarasi or velvet, you can pick any of them and experiment as much as you can.

What Not To Wear 

  • Avoid wearing blouses that are longer in length as they only rid you of flaunting your assets.

5. Slim or Rectangle-shaped Body Type

If you have an equal bust and hips with a slightly leaner waist, you are someone who has a rectangle-shaped or slim body type.

What To Wear 

  • The best blouse designs for slim body types are nicely fitted corset tops, cropped blouses, and high-neck cholis as they frame your body in the best possible manner.
  • In fact, noodle-strapped blouses, halter necklines and long-sleeved blouse designs go well on rectangular-shaped body types as they make you appear fuller.

What Not To Wear 

  • Avoid ill-fitted blouse designs or anything that's too loose and baggy.

Found your perfect pick? Tag your bridey BFFs and help them get one according to their body type.

Style Guide on How to Pick that Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type

by Anupriya Khanna

Style Guide on How to Pick that Perfect Blouse for Your Body Type