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Vidaai is undoubtedly one of the most soul-stirring and extensively photographed moments of a wedding. It's the last ritual of the wedding where the bride bids a teary farewell to her family and embarks on a new journey with her husband. Even though it is majorly denoted with quivering smiles and teary eyes, a lot of brides nowadays are happily enjoying every bit of their vidaai ceremony and incorporating fun & interesting elements to quirk it up. While some are leaving off in fascinating vintage cars & royal carriages, others are infusing the charm of sparklers and flower showers into their vidaai. 

It's truly awe-inspiring to see couples go out of the box and make such remarkable exits on their wedding day. So, if you too are planning to make an impressive exit with your beloved on your big day, we've got you sorted with these uber cool & fun vidaai ideas. Take cues and know how would you want your vidaai to look!

New & Latest Vidaai Ideas for a memorable Couple Exit!

Ride away in a rickshaw!

Apart from making splendid couple entries in gorgeously decorated auto-rikshaws & rickshaws, a lot of couples are now incorporating them in their vidaai as well and how! While some are opting for flower-decorated rikshaws for their vidaai, others are going sans decorations and only including some cutesy messages on their ride. 

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Make a dancing exit with your beloved!

Who says you have to act all coy and reserved during your vidaai? Putting aside all the inhibitions and age-old traditions, couples these days are making their vidaai a rocking affair by shaking a leg with their partner and family members. And so can you!

Bike Rides FTW!

For lovers, bike rides can never be old school. Not even on their wedding day! So, why not pick a bike instead of a car for your Vidaai?

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A Royal Chariot for a Royal Vidaai!

One of the best vidaai ideas we spotted so far is from the first Indian Disney World wedding of our real couple, Jennie & Roshan, who had a spectacular vidaai on a huge and royal chariot-the one you only get to see in Disney movies!

Get escorted by your poochies!

Wouldn't it be so fun and overwhelming to have your fur balls by your side during your vidaai? 

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Infuse the magic of sparklers in your Vidaai

Sparklers can add oodles of charm to your vidaai ceremony. All you need to do is ask your guests to hold those sparkler sticks as the two of you make an exit and see them do their magic!

Exit on a motorboat

Are you planning on a beachside wedding? If yes, then take cues from these couples who had their vidaai on a motorboat and made it the highlight of their wedding!

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Leave off in style in a vintage car

If you and your partner have a thing for vintage cars, you just can't skip having one of your favourite beauties for your vidaai! Trust us, it would help you grab a lot of eyeballs!

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When he gets you in his arms

Looking for that perfect Vidaai idea? What would be better than being carried away in your man's arms as you bid adieu to your family members? *So Romantic!*

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Source Safarnama

Vidaai on a golf cart is the latest fad!

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, here's yet another cool & quirky vidai idea that you can swear by for your wedding. Just ask your hotel authorities to arrange a golf cart, get it decorated with your favourite blooms & some fun 'Just Married' signages and climb onto it with your partner to make a dazzling exit!

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How about some flower shower for your Vidaai?

Flower showers can not only amp up your wedding photos to multi folds but also add all sorts of vivacity to your otherwise gloomy vidaai ceremony. So, in case you're in no mood to go overboard, just get a handful of flower petals and ask your guests to shower you with it as you leave.


Which idea are you saving for your vidaai?

11 Best Vidaai Ideas that Make for a Fun & Spectacular Couple Exit!

by Anupriya Khanna

11 Best Vidaai Ideas that Make for a Fun & Spectacular Couple Exit!