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Symbolic of divinity and magic that resonates with the higher realms, bells hold unparalleled auspiciousness for which they also make up for an aesthetic decor element in Indian weddings. Being incorporated in varied sizes and in umpteen unique ways, the serene aura that bells lend to the entire decor is what makes them a happily infused element. Right from having them cascade from gigantic ceilings and hung as floral garland ends to an entire mandap done with bells, the chimes and tinkles of them bells are worth every buck spent.

Because we absolutely heart this particular wedding decor element and we're sure you would too, we put up this blog to aid you with all ways of using bells in wedding decor. Be it miniature bells or the huge ones, we've got them all covered. So go dive into the blog right away!

Pristine Ways of Using Bells in Your Wedding Decor

1. We love this majestic mandap created with a green ceiling with cascading foliage and huge hanging bells.

2. Ornate temple bells with mogra garlands make for one of the classiest ways to use bells in wedding decor.

3. This marigold and bell garland floral chandelier with a rose ball in the centre is a pretty unique way to use bells in wedding decor.

4. Bells adorned with white flowers are perfect for a serene decor.

5. This wooden wall of bells is such a different way of using bells in wedding decor!

6. Hanging temple bells amidst flower arrangements or cascading floral garlands is one of the prettiest ways to add the auspiciousness of bells in your wedding decor.

7. This simple red drape mandap was beautifully adorned with kaliras and bells and it couldn't get any dreamier than this!

8. Having those breathtaking entrances adorned with bells makes up for one of the best ways to use bells in wedding decor.

9. This quirky hanging made up of painted coconut palm leaves weaved & strung together to make a bird & flower design with a brass bell at the end is perfect for mehndi or haldi decor.

10. Brocade drapes amped up with mogra garlands & bell ends are way too eye-pleasing and gorgeous for day decor.

11. This rustic mandap was breathtakingly decked up with different sized brass bells and it was a beauteous sight to behold!

12. This spiralling mogra chandelier with bells at the end is basically mehndi decor done right.

13. We're in awe of this Kamal Mahal mandap with cascading lotus strings and flower adorned huge bells.

14. How about floral bells made up of bells covered entirely in flowers?

15. Yet another mandap design with cascading florals and bells.

16. This peppy hanging made up of bells, birds and beads is a unique way to use bells in wedding decor.

17. Huge bells and floral garlands dangling from huge metal structures make for such an offbeat ceiling decor idea.

18. How about having your phoolon ki chaadar decked up with tinkling bells?

19. This contemporary temple vedi replete with fresh flowers and brass bells would surely be a highlight in the entire decor.


Are you too incorporating the sweet jingling of bells in your wedding decor? Let us know in the comments below!

19 Ways to Add the Auspiciousness of Bells in Wedding Decor

by Divya Arora

19 Ways to Add the Auspiciousness of Bells in Wedding Decor