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For the longest time, we have heard society create certain myths about dusky brides. These myths are so senseless and irrelevant that they’ve done nothing but give a plethora of brides tons of tensity. So, if you are a dusky bride-to-be or know someone who is, we have busted the top 5 beauty myths that have no relevance to the colour of your skin. Scroll below to read more!

Dusky Brides, We Have Busted These Myths For You!

1. “Dusky Brides Shouldn’t Put Nude Lipsticks”

Ladies this is one of the top myths which makes no sense whatsoever. Dusky brides should put nude lipsticks as and when they feel like it. There is no law that only bold lip colours will look good on you at your wedding functions. Go all out and opt for a nice and subtle nude lip colour!

Source Kunal Gupta

2. “Dusky Brides Should Stay Away From Pastel Outfits”

This is another myth that we think is completely inaccurate. Dusky brides can and should wear pastel clothes if they wish to at their wedding functions. We have seen numerous brides opt for pastel hues and pull off their bridal look!

Source Jade by MK

3. “Dusky Brides Should Not Put Bold & Colorful Eyeshadows”

Now, this is another myth that goes over our heads. Whoever came up with this one didn’t put much thought. Dusky brides can very easily pull off bright and colourful eyeshadow. So if you want to go with bold hues at your wedding functions, we say you go for it!

4. “Smokey Eye Makeup Makes Dusky Brides Look Darker”

Ladies, smokey eye makeup is a classic and has been around for decades. No matter what your skin tone is, smokey eye makeup will never make you look darker. Smokey eye accentuates dusky brides’ eyes!

Scroll below and see for yourself.

5. “Dusky Brides Should Go With A Lighter Shade of Foundation”

Time and time again dusky brides have been asked to opt for lighter shades of foundation to ‘make their skin look lighter. We say that embrace the beautiful skin tone that you have and make the most of it. Ditch the lighter shade of foundation and go with the shade which helps you embrace your original skin tone.


So ladies what all beauty myths could you relate with? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Beauty Myths About Dusky Brides Which Should be Brushed Aside!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Beauty Myths About Dusky Brides Which Should be Brushed Aside!