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Whenever we chance upon a Marathi bride, it instantly makes us go crooning 'Apsara Aali' (Okay stop humming the song & read on)! The celestial looks of Marathi brides unfailingly bewitch us to no ends. Just how Sikh brides and Bengali brides are easily recognisable because of their signature bridal looks, Marathi brides too boast of a distinctive traditional splendor that makes them stand apart of the rest. One look at a bride, one can easily figure it out that she is a Marathi bride or not.

Dressed in classic Paithani sarees with gobs of gold jewels, Marathi brides ooze an unnoticeable traditional charm like none other. The Paithani sarees definitely lend them a distinguishable look, but more than that, it is their unique jewellery pieces that add quintessential traditional aesthetics to the Marathi brides' overall appearance. So with this blog, we draw your attention to the adornments that make Marathi brides look super traditional and different.

Elegant Ornaments worn by Marathi Brides

1. Mundavalya

Mundavalya is the first noticeable adornment that sets the Marathi brides apart from the rest. It is a pearl-studded string ornament tied horizontally across the forehead with two vertical strings dangling down from both the sides. It is a striking jewellery piece that beautifully structure's a Marathi bride's face. A lot of brides are also opting for floral mundavalyas.

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2. Chooda

Chooda, as you all know, is a set of auspicious bangles that are symbolic of a woman's marital status. However, unlike famous red Punjabi chooda, Marathi chooda consists of a set of green glass bangles separated with gold bangles. The colour of Marathi brides' chooda is symbolic of fertility.

3. Nath 

Another ornament that lends Marathi brides a distinctively traditional look is their nath. Nath is a common adornment worn across the cultures in India, but Marathi brides wear Brahmani Nath which is woven with pearls in paisley shape and is studded with precious stones.

4. Thushi

It is a traditional Marathi neck jewel with thick chains of gold beads that are held together by an adjustable thread. It is identified with the adjoined intricate gold beads and is crafted from pure gold.

5. Kohlapur Saaj

As the name suggests, this piece of jewellery originates from Kohlapur. This traditional necklace symbolizes a Marathi woman's marital status and hence is equivalent to mangalsutra.

6. Putli Haar

Putli Haar is a significant neckpiece that consists of gold coins stringed together on a silk thread. The coins are further engraved with the motif of goddess Lakshmi. This choker style haar has an exceptionally traditional appeal.

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7. Crescent moon bindi

This is not jewellery, but one of the most imperative adornments of a Marathi bride's look. The unique chaand bindi is one of the most prominent distinguishing features of a Marathi bride's look. It is called as a chandrakor bindi.


What do you love the most about Marathi brides? Tell us in the comments section.

7 Adornments that Make us Fall Hard in Love with Marathi Brides

by Medha Chawla

7 Adornments that Make us Fall Hard in Love with Marathi Brides