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Your best friend is getting hitched and now is the time for you to create an unforgettable night for her. While you can always wing it then and there, wouldn't it make more sense if you planned properly and made a checklist so that everything is in place? That's why to lend you a helping hand, we've come up with a list of bachelorette party must-haves that you've got to keep in mind for your best friend's epic night. 

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Ultimate Party Must-Haves for an Unforgettable Bachelorette Night

1. A Kickass Playlist

No party can be LIT if your playlist is not good enough. It should be the right balance of dance, happy vibes, and soothing tunes for different stages of the party!

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2. Games & Activities for a Memorable Night

Dear bridesmaids, if you want to create a memorable night for your best friend, we recommend having an array of games and activities planned for the night. Put in a few extra games just in case you guys get through them fast.

Have games like truth or dare, how old was the bride or bachelorette party bingo!

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3. Personalized Decor

How will you set the mood of the party if you don’t have personalized decor done!? Whether you guys want to follow a theme or honour the bride, we say you’ve got to have personalized decor!

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4. Gifts for the Bride

Well, you gotta have gifts for your best friend or sister at her bachelorette party. One way can be to give her gifts and the other way is to chip in and get the bride something useful that she can use post her wedding!

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5. A Photographer or Someone Designated for Photos at the Party

The bachelorette party will be a memorable moment for the bride, to come for years so it only makes sense that you hire a photographer or designate someone for photos. These photos will capture the bride with her best gang in a very raw and candid setting and will be cherished forever!

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6. Matching Outfits or Accessories

A quintessential bridal shower has to have the bridesmaids in matching outfits or some accessory or the other. Go with bridesmaid t-shirts or sashes that mention the designation of each friend in the bride’s life. Not only will you get the most adorable pictures but it will act as the perfect souvenir for your friends!

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7. You’ve Gotta Have Lipsmaking Food

Keep the energy high with a selection of the bride’s favourite food, comfort food, and maybe even customized ones to match the theme. Have knick-knacks like custom cupcakes, pizzas, bottomless fries, etc.

The array of food will not only help you keep the alcohol down but will also ensure you guys keep snacking!

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8. Lots and Lots of Cocktails

Well, there’s no debating that a bachelorette party has to have lots and lots of cocktails. We recommend keeping drinking games to take things up a notch. Also, have interesting mixers and pre-mixes that will help you achieve some amazing cocktails for the night!

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9. A Breathtaking Cake

All happy moments should include a nice big cake to celebrate. honour nor the bride, you can have a two-tier cake or a fondant one that goes best with the themes and also helps the bride feel that she will soon be tying the knot.

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10. A Care Package for the Day After

Lastly, you cannot have a bachelorette party without having a care package for everyone for the day after. This care package should have essentials like a hangover pill, a refreshing snack or drink, some bandages (if things get really wild), a thank-you note, etc. Customize this package as per your group and watch this be the most useful thing to every one of them!

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Which is your favourite thing from the list for the upcoming bachelorette? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

Epic Bachelorette Bash Essentials for the Ultimate Celebration

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Epic Bachelorette Bash Essentials for the Ultimate Celebration