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While we still have quite a few months left in 2021, it is always nice to be prepared and plan things well in advance especially when we talk about weddings. While 2021 is still going to be the year of intimate weddings, one can only hope that we can have all our dearest ones present on the most special days of our lives aka the wedding days. So, if you were already looking for the most auspicious Hindu wedding dates for 2022, then all you have to do is scroll below and see which dates work the best for you! 📅✔️

Best Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates For 2022 

Wedding Dates For January 2022

January is when weddings take place in full form because everyone is excited for the new year and what can be more exciting than starting the year with a wedding in the house? Even though there are five wedding dates available, what we recommend is that you should bookmark these Hindu wedding dates for 2022 well in advance considering that a lot of other couples would be looking for vendors during this month. 

  • January 15, 2022 (Saturday)

  • January 20, 2022 (Thursday) 

  • January 23, 2022 (Sunday)

  • January 27, 2022 (Thursday) 

  • January 29, 2022 (Saturday)

Wedding Dates For February 2022

February is the month of love so what will be a better month than this one to tie the knot with the love of your life? As the second month of 2022, also has just five auspicious Hindu wedding dates, we say that you finalise the date soon and simply start with the wedding planning

  • February 5, 2022 (Saturday)

  • February 11, 2022 (Friday)

  • February 18, 2022 (Friday)

  • February 21, 2022 (Monday)

  • February 22, 2022 (Tuesday)

Wedding Dates For March 2022

There are no auspicious wedding dates in March 2022, but this can be a great time for you to finalise all the vendors and finish off your last-minute tasks. Oh, and don't forget to unwind and make the most of this time with your loved ones!

Wedding Dates For April 2022

Still the starting month of the year, April can be a good time to get hitched because the weather is not too cold nor it is too hot. You can have a stunning spring wedding which can take place on a big farm, poolside or even on a huge lawn! 

  • April 17, 2022 (Sunday)

  • April 19, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • April 21, 2022 (Thursday)

  • April 22, 2022 (Friday)

  • April 23, 2022 (Saturday)

  • April 28, 2022 (Thursday)

Wedding Dates For May 2022

A May wedding is equivalent to a summer wedding and that means pastel-coloured outfits, seasonal flowers and lots of cool summary concepts to have at your wedding. So, if you are looking for the best auspicious wedding date in 2022 and considering having a summer wedding then there is no better month than May because it has got quite a few auspicious Hindu wedding dates! Scroll below and pick the one that best works for you!

  • May 2, 2022 (Monday)

  • May 3, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • May 9, 2022 (Monday)

  • May 10, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • May 11, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • May 12, 2022 (Thursday)

  • May 13, 2022 (Friday)

  • May 17, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • May 18, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • May 20, 2022 (Friday)

  • May 25, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • May 26, 2022 (Thursday)

  • May 31, 2022 (Tuesday)

Wedding Dates For June 2022

If you are a sucker for the monsoon season then only look at the auspicious wedding dates that June has to offer. This is the best time to get married as it won’t be raining too heavily and nor would it be humid. Apart from this fact, there are multiple dates spread throughout this month that are auspicious for a Hindu wedding!  

  • June 6, 2022 (Monday)

  • June 8, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • June 11, 2022 (Saturday)

  • June 12, 2022 (Sunday)

  • June 13, 2022 (Monday)

  • June 14, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • June 15, 2022 (Wednesday) 

  • June 16, 2022 (Thursday)

  • June 21, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • June 22, 2022 (Wednesday)

Wedding Dates For July 2022

If you and your other half are adventurous and wouldn’t mind a little weather surprise then we suggest that July should be the month to tie the knot. For starters, if the weather is perfect, you’re going to have a beautiful monsoon wedding and if it is something other than what you thought of it to be, then you and your other half are going to have one hell of a story to cherish for a lifetime. 

Oh, and since the next three months are not going to have any auspicious wedding dates, this can also be the right time to get hitched if you don’t want to wait that long. 

  • July 3, 2022 (Sunday)

  • July 5, 2022 (Tuesday)

  • July 6, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • July 8, 2022 (Friday)

Wedding Dates For August, September, October 2022

Ladies, get ready to have these three months to cross off everything that you wanted to do before getting hitched. Take a trip with your girlfriends, spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and get engrossed in all the wedding planning cuz these three months when there are no dates is going to be that special time that you’re going to remember right after you’re married. Make the most of this time and have a blast while at it!

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Wedding Dates For November 2022

Growing up if you had always dreamed of tying the knot at a farm or an open space in the chilly weather then November is the month for you. With six auspicious dates, it is going to be a race as to who gets to lock down the wedding vendors so we suggest that you should finalise everything well in advance so that you can have the best vendors for yourself! 

  • November 19, 2022 (Saturday)

  • November 20, 2022 (Sunday)

  • November 21, 2022 (Monday)

  • November 24, 2022 (Thursday)

  • November 25, 2022 (Friday)

  • November 27, 2022 (Sunday)

Wedding Dates for December 2022

December happens to be everyone’s favourite month to tie the knot cuz just as one wants to begin the year with a bang, many want to end it with one. With just five auspicious Hindu wedding dates for your happily ever after, it's a no-brainer that you should lock in the date that you have your eyes on! 

  • December 2, 2022 (Friday)

  • December 7, 2022 (Wednesday)

  • December 8, 2022 (Thursday)

  • December 9, 2022 (Friday)

  • December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) 


If you are wondering what's the best day to get married in 2022? Bookmark this calendar now and you are going to be sorted on that one wedding task!

Top Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates For 2022 Are Here!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Top Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates For 2022 Are Here!