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So, the newest trend is in town and it's like nothing you have seen before. You must have heard about guest books at weddings before. Now, be prepared for audio guest books! Ever since I found out that audio guest books are a thing, I couldn't wait to tell you guys about it. Oh, how you're gonna love it! What are they? How do they work? How to encourage your wedding guests to leave you a message on your audio guest book? 

These are some of the questions we will be answering as we satiate your curiosity about audio guest books!

So, without further ado, let's scroll and get to know about the #hottestrendinweddings - an audio guestbook for Indian weddings. ☎️

The Ultimate Audio Guest Book Guide

What Is An Audio Guest Book? 

An audio guest book is all your cottage-core wedding dreams come true. It is a telephone using which your wedding guests can record all the sweet messages that they have for you. You can play these messages later on and bathe in all the affection that your near and dear ones have poured on you on your big day. It is a keepsake which helps you preserve the fond memories of your big day. If vintage and romantic is your aesthetic, audio guest books are going to win your heart because of the telephone and the whole vibe that this cute wedding element gives off!

Why You Need An Audio Guest Book At Your Wedding?

An audio guest book might seem like just another fancy decor element to many but it carries a higher value which is sentimental. Following are the two main reasons why you must get an audio guest book at your wedding: 

1. Your Wedding Guest Presence Is Important To You

The newlyweds can't interact with all of the wedding guests, especially if it is an Indian wedding where it is common for people to have a hundred guests. An audio guest book allows all your wedding guests to take their time and say their message to you, whether it is just a simple congratulations or an in-depth story on what they love about the newlyweds. An audiobook ensures that all of your wedding guests feel like their presence at the wedding is cherished and that they have an important role to play. 

2. Preserve The Sweet Memories

The wedding day often feels like it went away in a blink because it is so beautiful and often so busy, as well. It is said and believed that a good day often feels like it is passing way too fast and it is true, especially for your wedding day. An audio guest book helps you preserve the sweet memories from your big day in the loveliest way possible and you can access them any time you want. The audio guest book is no less than an asset in that sense. 

How To Incorporate The Audio Guest Book Into Your Wedding? 

Kaveri Vij, Founder of Designer Events Inc. spoke to the WeddingBazaar crew and spilt the beans on the audio guestbook: 

Q. What are the benefits of having an audio guestbook at your wedding?

After being a part of a wonderous number of weddings, we always felt in our hearts that undoubtedly there is a certain feeling of being overwhelmed for the couple and with so much going around, they sometimes end up missing what hosting a wedding is majorly about, seeking the blessings, love and joyous union of our loved ones. We stormed our brains to find the perfect fix to this. Being the first in India to be introducing our DEI-dio not just lets you miss the joyful cheers of laughter of the people you love, but lets you savour it for life long and we think that is the most precious gift because, in the end, whatever we do, we do to be loved right?

Source: Designer Events Inc.50 Shades of Weddings

Q. Where can the couples buy audio guestbooks from?

It is an easy rental model for anyone and everyone who would like for it to be a part of their special occasions. If you want an audio guestbook at your wedding, you can talk to your wedding decorator or planner and they can source it for you. 

Q. What to tell your wedding planner about adding the audio guestbook?

A Wedding Planner is someone who takes over the responsibility of the most special day of your life and aims that you live that day with your full heart and so, the Audio Guestbook is a perfect creation. As Wedding Planners, we always suggest the use of the Audio Guestbook to our Guests for the following reasons: 

  • It adds magic to the day by capturing all the love from everyone around.
  • It is a beautiful element in itself and it enhances the look and feel of the day.
  • It is a beautiful way of creating an aesthetic corner at the wedding.
  • It is a perfect gift for your guests as it is so unique.

Source: Designer Events Inc.50 Shades of Weddings

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How To Use An Audio Guest Book? 

An audio guest book is a vintage phone that records the messages that your wedding guests leave for you at your wedding. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how an audio guest book is used!

1. Pick Up The Receiver: Your wedding guest picks up the receiver and a message plays to them that you and your partner pre-recorded.

2. Wait For The Beep Sound: A beep sound plays after your message plays and it is the cue for your wedding guest to say their message.

3. Give Your Message To The Couple: After your wedding guest has given their message, they must put the receiver back on its cradle as their message is now recorded. 

4. The Couple Can Play The Recordings of The Guests: Play all the sweet messages from your loved ones after the wedding and feel love and gratitude.

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What Messages Can Your Wedding Guests Give To You Through An Audio Guest Book? 

Audio guest books emerge from the old tradition of the good old guest books that many generations have had at their wedding. They were for wedding guests to write their wedding wishes, marriage advice, et cetera, to the newlyweds. Audio guest books are no different in the sense that your guests can leave you similar messages. The only difference is that guest books required your guests to write their messages whereas audio guest books record audio messages. Let's go over the type of messages that your wedding guests can give to you through an audio guest book!

Wedding Wishes

An audio guest book gives you the joy of collecting all the precious wedding wishes that your guests give to you on your big day. Here are some examples of wedding wishes that your wedding guests can use: 

  1. Congratulations on your big day! Wishing both of you, a lifetime of joy!
  2. Congratulations, you two!  May you always be in love with each other.
  3. Today is the beginning of a beautiful journey. Wishing you all the happiness and good luck with it!
  4. May you grow beautifully and have a lot of fun on this new adventure together! Cheers!
  5. Congratulations! I hope your love and respect grow deeper and deeper with every passing day!        

Marriage Advice

An audio guest book helps you gather all the helpful marriage advice from your near and dear ones. Check out these examples of marriage advice which your wedding guests can give to you: 

  1. Remember that respect is just as important in a marriage as love. I hope you two always respect and care for each other. 
  2. A healthy marriage is about making active efforts every day and acknowledging those made by your partner. May you two never stop making loving and caring efforts towards each other. 
  3. Always talk to your partner about everything and never lie to them. Remember that secrets divide you and have no place in a happy marriage. 
  4. Do not be afraid of arguments, instead learn to have a healthy argument with your partner. Healthy arguments help you grow as a couple. Never disrespect your partner no matter how bad an argument it gets. Always remember that you two are a unit. 
  5. Make sure to have some 'me time' and use it to do some self-care or just chill. We all need space, even from those we love and it is healthy.  It is important that you carry out your hobbies and don't lose the sense of yourself. Two happy individuals make a happy couple. It is your responsibility to keep yourself happy. 

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How To Encourage Your Wedding Guests To Leave You A Message On Your Audio Guest Book?

An audio guest book is a beautiful element that you can have at your wedding. However, it is fairly new, especially in the Indian wedding scene and you don't know whether your guest will use it or rather know how to use it. Follow the tips given below to ensure that your guests leave you a cute message on your wedding day through your audio guest book. 

  • Place The Audio Guestbook Near The Entrance of The Venue: Place your audio guestbook near the entrance of your wedding venue. This way, it will be one of the first things that your wedding guests notice and record a message for you and your partner as soon as they reach your wedding venue. 
  • Have Someone Near The Audio Guestbook (All The Time!): Have someone near the audio guestbook who can ask your wedding guests to record a message for the newlyweds as they come. 
  • Get It Decked: Make sure to have the area with the audio guest book well decorated and nicely lit up so that your guests can notice it easily. You can also get big signage near the audio guest book that asks people to come and record an audio guest for the newlyweds.
  • Place The Instructions Clearly: Add a big placard with instructions on using the audio guest book. This will help your wedding guests know exactly what they need to do to record their message. 
  • Encourage Your Guests: Mention in your wedding invite that you are going to have an audio guest book at your wedding and would love it if your wedding guests leave a nice message on your wedding day. 

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Audio Guest Book Guide: What's It, Where To Get It & Instructions On Using It!

by Pratiksha Pandey

Audio Guest Book Guide: What's It, Where To Get It & Instructions On Using It!