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If you’re looking to add some magic or whimsical tone to your wedding, incorporating animal decor is a great option. From elegant sophistication to playful charm, animal-inspired elements can infuse personality into your wedding functions.

Scroll below and take major inspiration on how you can use animals as elements for your wedding decor!

How to Incorporate Animal Decor at Your Wedding

Go Wild With Your Centerpieces

The centre table is crucial when we talk about wedding decor so why not incorporate elements inspired by animals as centre pieces!? Not only will the animal-themed centrepieces create a playful atmosphere but they will look so fresh and unique!

Decor by Aroosi, Delhi

Incorporate Animal Elements at the Entry Point

Your guests should be clear right from the venue’s entry what the theme of the function is. So, get animal-inspired elements placed precisely at the entry point. From a chic traditional element sculpture at the gate to placing two giant giraffe dummies to greet your guests, there’s so much you can do!

Animal Structures Around the Seating

Incorporate animal structures around the guest seating to illuminate the area. Whether you use these elements as the backdrops or simply go with structures, having animals around the seating will add a nice touch to your overall theme.

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Decor by Aroosi, Delhi

Place Those Animal-Themed Structures Right in the Middle

If you’re looking to make a statement then we recommend getting a considerable animal structure placed right in the middle. Not only will this structure act as the star piece of your overall wedding decor but it will fill up a lot of space and you won’t have to do a lot with the other decor.

Decor by Aroosi, Delhi

Let Those Animals Lose Everywhere!

Extend the animal decor to everywhere around your wedding venue. Place a small monkey sculpture around the bar or get a nice side table with all sizes of elephants to amp up the space. Scroll below and take a look inspo how you can incorporate animals everywhere!


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Fur-Ever Love: Transform Your Wedding with Animal-Inspired Decor Ideas!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

Fur-Ever Love: Transform Your Wedding with Animal-Inspired Decor Ideas!