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She is truly a superhuman who can literally do anything in this world. From rasing us with good moral values to supporting us in our good and bad times, she holds a special place in our hearts. Be it packing up your tiffins early in the morning or helping you with your bridal trousseau shopping, her role is probably the toughest among us all. Guess what? She feeds us, takes care of us, she is your best friend for the rest of your life, she shares the best bond, and holds no grudge cos she is the best Mother you could've ever asked for! 

So, to all our lovely mother's reading this piece today, on the behalf of ShaadiSaga, I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day & may you always shine bright in your life! 👩💌

An Ode To My Mum

For this Quarantine Mother's Day, get up from our lazy beds & do something special for her. Cook her favourite meal that she LOVES eating, set up a fun virtual tea party date with her sisters or friends, or how about sharing this letter with your mum that she will cherish throughout her life. If you haven't wished her or want to express your feelings to her, then share this ode, which will surely make her shed a tear or two. 👇

Source: Ritika Hairstylist; Isrrani Photography

Dear Mommy, 


You are a tough mother! My superhero in life & I am going to be someone's wife, 

I can’t express how much I will miss your touch but MOM, I love you very much! 

I still remember the way you used to feed me, I wish my hubby is going to heed me,

Running after me was a joy. I hope I could be like you one day & enjoy! 

From the secrets that we share & the endless gossips of here & there, 

My queen, I admired you every time! By wrapping up your saree, one hundred times!

Getting fascinated by your pretty baubles, I assure you that I will carry forward your morals, 

Yes! Your cuddles & kisses are priceless just the way your beauty is timeless! 

When I am not feeling fine, you make good food & everything seems refined, 

From our ups & downs to our highs & lows, your one smile makes everything rose! 

Even though I’ll move to miles away, my best friend I’ll be with you forever & stay,

Promise me to not forget to eat your stews cos I will come soon & wash away your blues!

Indeed, God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made you, 

Roles like mother-in-law & ‘naani’ are few, which are waiting for you in a queue, 

Believe you me that you’ll be amazed to see the hues,

The minute he or she will start giving us cues! 

Mom, now I’ll have to fly with my dream man-high, but won’t let you fly alone in the sky,  

Thanking you for the unconditional love you gave & for the affection that I always craved;

So, today I only pray, that you always stay this way, 

And, I just want to say that have a great Mother’s Day!


Yours lovingly, 

ShaadiSaga Bride 👰❤️


Looks like we'll shed a tear or two! Share it with your mom & tell her how much she means to you!  

Dear Mommy, Wish You A Very Happy Mother's Day!

by Chandni Kumar

Dear Mommy, Wish You A Very Happy Mother's Day!