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If you thought second marriages were a rare occurrence, try to think of the last time you attended a second wedding? Second marriages have always been a touchy topic around here in India. They are usually dealt with in a hush-hush sort of manner, sometimes despite the wishes of the happy couple. Sometimes it’s concealed as if it were a very shady affair, instead of celebrating what it actually is, which is taking another swing at true love and more importantly, taking a chance on yourself again.

Just because a marriage might not work out, doesn’t mean one is “unlucky in love” or should ever be uncertain to try again. Whatever happened to trying again despite all failure and setbacks? We need to realize that love is as subjective as happiness, it is everywhere and it is nowhere, it all depends on your perspective. So grab happiness by the neck and tell it to be there at your wedding!

Every bride, no matter her age, culture, or her budget deserves to feel like the world has stopped just to marvel her on the day she chooses to get married, it’s just a feeling as ineffable as any. So if you’ve made the brazen move to celebrate your encore wedding, here’s a couple of pointers to get you started:

Pay no heed to the naysayers!

Kuchh toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna, am I right?! This will never not be true. So surround yourself with the most and as many as positive and supportive friends and family. This may seem like general advice right now, but you’ll realise it's a world of difference when you know you can go ahead without a shadow of a doubt, and there’s a whole bridal party of people that are rooting for you!

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Second time’s the charm?

What better way for a do-over than getting to DO-OVER your wedding day. We take it that you’re considerably wiser than before you may have a much more refined taste now but it’s also the perfect opportunity to wild out! This is your chance to live out the alternative wedding that’s been at the back of your forever, so go nuts! Eccentric lehenga colour? Bizarre bachelorette theme? A palace for your wedding venue? It's yours!

Optimism is optimal!

This is that one day which calls for you to bring all your enthusiasm and killer confidence! You’ve made this incredibly commendable decision to whole-heartedly celebrate your union with the person you love and nothing and nobody is about to rain on your parade! A vibrant and cheery attitude is the best thing you could bring to your own wedding! It’s your day so don’t let anything get you down! Come what may take it all in good spirit!

Don’t get in over your head!

We’d obviously never tell you to hold back! But it’s super important to consider what your partner wants, because well, it is their wedding too. So sometimes it’s important to keep yourself in check and ask yourself if you’re being too “me!me!me!” about everything. It’s the beginning of a fantastic new phase of your life, so even if something doesn’t go your way, just learn to roll with it!

Make unapologetic decisions!

Having said all that, what we failed to mention earlier on is–if you do want your wedding to be a private, intimate wedding then there’s nothing quite like it! Even if you’d want to skip it entirely and go for a good old court wedding, and embark or an elaborate honeymoon, it’s all good. The whole idea of it is to do what comes most naturally to you without any inhibitions, because it's your big day, stand unshakable and celebrate it with people you love!


Have some other advice in mind? Feel free to share below!

The Realest Piece of Advice We Want to Give you for your Second wedding!

by Manavi Chauhan

The Realest Piece of Advice We Want to Give you for your Second wedding!