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These days, no marriage is complete without a bridal shower. Bridal showers help the bride to cherish past memories and the bridesmaids to make her feel special before she gets swept away by her groom. They serve as the perfect breather that a bride wants in between her hectic wedding shopping and before she gets married. Each bridesmaid must put in her best efforts to make it a memorable one for her bridey. We at Shaadisaga, believe that bridal showers are at their best when kept intimate and private.Therefore, we bring to you the perfect DIY for your girl’s most special day, which won’t only be easy on your pocket but will also add some perk to this already fun occasion.


1. Choose a color theme

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Sticking to a color theme will not only make it easier for you to collect props but will also help in giving the occasion a more formal look. Some color themes could be yellow and grey, pink and gold, peach and blue or neutral colors.

2. Use photo frames

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Ask the bridesmaids to bring in every single photo frame available to them at home. Fill them up with pictures from your past, the crazier the better. Another idea would be to write messages on a colored sheet and insert them into the photo frame creating cute corners for the party.  Few examples could be,” The bride is always right”, “Coming Soon, Mr. and Mrs., “ Don’t worry doing laundry is better than having a fulfilling career” etc.

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3. Create activity corners

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You can create fun corners for the party, again using the photo frames or chalkboards. A few examples are “Put your gifts here for the Bride to be”, “ Write a message for the bride on the sheet”, “ The bride needs advice.", " Date Jar" etc.

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4. Use mason jars filled with wildflowers as table decorations

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For the table decorations, you can easily use Mason Jars filled with wildflowers. They are not only easy on the pocket but are extremely in as a table setting these days.

5. Favors

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Give each bridesmaid flower bands to be worn at the bridal shower as an hair or hand accessory. These can be given right at the entrance or sent with the invite. They not only ensure everyone looks pretty and in the theme but also guarantees beautiful pictures.

Now that you're sorted with the decor & still pondering over the games to play, we're here to help further:


1. Who knows the bride better?

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This one is an oldie but never fails to disappoint. Pen down a few questions or get a print out of the plethora of them available online. Have all the bridesmaid answer it including the bride. Check for who gets the right answers later.

2. How well do you know your bridesmaids?

Have each bridesmaid write their secret fantasy on a paper and mix it in a bowl. Ask the bride to pick one chit at a time and make a guess of who the fantasy belongs to. This one is always a hit.

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3. The queen of hearts

Give everyone a heart and ask them to pin it on their dress. Ask each bridesmaid to discuss in twos the most obscene thing they have done in the past. Whoever's secret is dirtier, gets the other one’s heart. The game continues throughout the party till one bridesmaid gets all the hearts.

4. The Zenga game

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Buy a Zenga and have the bridesmaid sign each piece with a message, advise or a fun memory. This will be a great keepsake for the bride to be. Thereafter, every game night shall be filled with memories.

5. Ask the groom

Ask the groom to send in a video of him talking about the bride and how lucky he is to have found a life partner in her. Also, in the video, he could talk about things like where he first met her, what he likes the most in her and other mushy stuff. It won’t only be the perfect keepsake for the bride but is sure to leave everyone teary-eyed giving the occasion a perfect ending.

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Weren't these ideas super fun and super cost-friendly? Let us know your views in the comments below!

Adorable DIY Decor Ideas for Bridal Shower & some Fun Games

by Surbhi Gupta

Adorable DIY Decor Ideas for Bridal Shower & some Fun Games