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Ever wondered how your fiance or boyfriend will be as a husband? Will he make an ideal husband who is romantic, supportive and responsible? Or will he be a big-time procrastinator who runs away from responsibilities? Well, you obviously can’t predict his future behaviour, but wait, his zodiac sign can still reveal a lot about it. Now that you are soon gonna take the plunge and tie the knot, we are sure it would be exciting for you to know what type of a husband will he be. After all, it is always better to be a bit prepared beforehand. :P

The kind of husbands according to Zodiac Signs

~ Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Life is nothing less than an exciting roller coaster ride with an Aries man as your life partner. He loves adventure and seeks to do fun activities with his wife. Sharing those fun activities is his way of showing that he loves you and wants to spend time with you. However, they are also known for being stubborn, but it is also prevalent in their commitment. Once they love you, they will love you forever and will never stop admiring you. Aries men are highly ambitious, practical, independent and optimistic. Bossy behaviour, nagging and arguments piss them off.

~ Taurus (20 April - 20 May)

Patient, kind-hearted, artistic and sensuous are the words that perfectly describe a Taurus man. Taurus men are usually the epitome of loyalty but are very possessive for their partners at the same time. They become the kind of husbands who make sure you live in a nice home and would fix the leaking pipe if you ask them to. They are great observers and hence, can understand your mood and needs easily. They do not lose their temper easily, but when they do, it is bad. However, above all, a Taurus man is reliable who will be there when you need him. He also leaves no stone unturned to bring comfort in his partner’s life. But one annoying thing about Taurus husbands is that during unpleasant situations, they avoid confrontations and keep their partner in ambiguity instead. 

~ Gemini (21 May - 20 June)

Gemini men are super exciting and that’s how they want their lives to be. They have a keen desire for freshness in their relationships. They shower their partner with surprises. Spontaneous outings, random dinner plans, unexpected dates - Gemini men do it all! Understandably, they expect their partner to be equally trill-maniac; cuz, that’s the only way of keeping a Gemini man sane. Boredom dreads Gemini men the most and they can go to any extent to get rid of it. So, being a Gemini man’s wife, you gotta make sure that he never loses interests in you. Apart from this, they are talkative, socially gracious and possessive about their partners. Life is never dull with a Gemini husband.

~ Cancer (21 June - 22 July)

Trust the men of this sign to become the best husbands. Cancer men have everything a woman looks for in her partner. They are extremely loving, supportive and reliable. They are even great at lending emotional support. Feeling low? They know how to cheer you up. Wanna cry? They have the tissues handy! Cancer men have the urge to become the constant in your life whom you can always rely on for anything and everything. However, they easily get insecure. In a relationship, all they want is - emotional security and sustainability

~ Leo (23 July - 22 August)

Leo men have the solutions to everything and this is what makes them great husbands. They make their wives feel truly loved and safe. They treat their women as queens and try their best to provide them with oodles of comfort and luxury. Leo men are brave and fierce (in bed as well). Bad temper and dominating nature are two significant traits of Leo men. They are also self-centred who impress you by showing off how confident, powerful and desirable they are.

~ Virgo (23 August - 22 September)

A Virgo husband’s priority is to ensure his loved ones are living a happy and comfortable life. Once they are invested in you, they will give it all. They are fierce lovers and pour every bit of love on their partners. They also have the constant urge to keep the relationship fresh with newness. In general, they are very practical and have a tender heart at the same time. They are always working on their next big dream (a project, a trip) and keep their partner’s life exciting.

~ Libra (23 September - 22 October)

Consider yourself absolutely lucky if you have a Libra partner. They are die-hard romantics who want to be the reason behind their girl’s smile. They can do anything to make their partner feel happy. In fact, they not only ensure you are truly loved but also provide you with an amazing sex life. They are very expressive and often flatter their partners with emotionally heavy words, handwritten letters and PDA on social media. All they need is, emotional connect and a generous amount of attention from their significant other. It is hard dealing with their lazy attitude though.

~ Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)

Scorpio is a tricky sign to deal with as people of this sign do not gel well with anyone easily. It is hard to understand them as they are great at hiding their emotions. But deep down, they are passionate lovers. Once a Scorpio man finds his right one, he sticks by her - no matter what. These passionate souls are also great protectors who want to shield their loved ones. If life is tough, Scorpio men are tougher.

~ Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)

Sagittarius men never try to control their wives. They love their freedom and understand the importance of personal space. As husbands, they don’t want their partner to cling to them all the time. In fact, they really expect their wives to have a life of their own. At the same time, they like to spice up things in bed, take long road trips, learn more about you - together. They are great supporters and motivate their partners to be ambitious.

~ Capricorn (22 December - 19 January)

Men of this zodiac sign are highly responsible. They know their roles and responsibilities and do not fear to be in charge. As husbands, they are future-oriented and take wise decisions for a healthy-happy future. Staying grounded is their yet another USP. Despite being responsible, they do not try to control their partner. All they want is to be by your side.

~ Aquarius (20 January - 18 February)

Aquarius is the most independent of all other signs. They are the ones who dream big and want to make the world a better place with philanthropy and humanitarianism. Aquarius men make great entrepreneur and business heads. But they also know how to strike a perfect balance between relationships and their other goals. They have a strong personality but have trouble expressing how they feel. However, they relish long discussions and love experiencing the wonders of life together with their partner. They are the kinds of husbands who have no problem with their partner’s history and are rarely jealous.

~ Pisces (19 February - 20 March)

Pisces men give their partners a truly spiritual romantic experience. They go out of their ways to make pleasant gestures for you. Once they commit to you, you will have all their love and devotion. Their love is unconditional and extremely selfless. Making others happy is what gives them true happiness. It is their constant effort to make their wives feel special and happy all the time. So cute, isn’t it? 


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According to Zodiac Sign here's what kind of a Husband he will become

by Medha Chawla

According to Zodiac Sign here's what kind of a Husband he will become