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If there is one bridal designer who never fails to impress us with his outfits, then it's gotta be Abhinav Mishra. Whether it's scrolling his Instagram for hours or bookmarking his outfits in our gallery section we love how he sprinkles his signature mirror-work to Indian silhouettes. I am sure you must be remembering ‘The Royals’ SS 2020 collection or the Sahiba collection or his beautiful Wildflowers collection?! Well, couturier and mirror-work extraordinaire, Abhinav Mishra is a well-known fashion designer today who is creating magic on his brides through his outfits since 2014. 

Coming now to the latest collection that is the talk of the town. Welcoming you with a warm heart at the Dhan Mill & Shahpur Jat stores, Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture 2021 collection is a beautiful amalgamation of eternal love and romance. Spanning across 3 collections - 'MIR' Spring Couture 2021 collection is inspired by travel and architecture, 'Songs of Spring' is a beautiful canvas splattered with the hues of Spring; whereas the 'Baraat' Collection is the ultimate commitment of love. 

Psst...So, all the brides out there who are getting married in 2021, we have the perfect wedding outfit ideas for you today from Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture Collection 2021.

Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture Collection 2021

1. 'MIR' Spring Couture 2021: The Language of Love 

Celebrating life and love with a unique twist seen through Abhinav’s eyes, 'MIR' Spring Couture Collection 2021 is a lively bustle, a treat for the senses, with colours, aromas and sounds abuzz. A cornucopia of textures, artistry and inspiration. Abhinav Mishra creates an ornate tale of a fictional village synonymous with the celebration of colour and life. Reflecting the magical mania of the mela or local fair from a bygone era, elements from around the country come together and weave a tapestry of tales of their own. Borrowing elements from the organised chaos of the traditional spice markets, Abhinav Mishra’s line features vibrant hues that reimagine the brimming baskets of Kesar, mirch and haldi. Inspired by the rich visual treat of ancient souks, the collection features an intricate design identity that brings to life the magnificent mayhem under the elaborately patterned dome of this iconic marketplace. 

Spreading the language of love through his first sub-campaign, 'MIR' showcases the Abhinav Mishra's bride tribe that flitters about in the mid-morning sun, adorning outfits that bring to life a cultural maze, with elements of India, Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran. Warm, vibrant hues like dreamy Majorelle blues, luscious ruby reds, sprightly yellows, sprinkled with mirror work and exquisite gotapatti imbibe a reverence for traditional Indian craftsmanship and silhouettes. Chevrons and florals, along with statement mirror work transcend time and find themselves at a glorious Indian wedding, with the sun shining overhead and the bustle alive with the bride tribe walking their best friend down the aisle.

Talking about his first campaign of Spring Couture Collection 2021 Abhinav Mishra said, "Thrilled to showcase the first of our 3 special collections this spring. Mir to me is a festival, a riot of colours and a celebration of life. It's frenzied and abundant, it's joyous and jubilant. It's a stunning amalgamation of romance, of free-spirited love and light. 'Mir' is inspired by travel, architecture and a much-needed escapade that we all could use! It sets the tone for a bright new year, with a little sparkle and a whole lot of glamour built on the foundation of endless love.”

2. 'Songs of Spring' Spring Couture 2021: Bright Yellow Flowers & Buzzing Bees

Moving on to the second part of the campaign the 'Songs of Spring' collection 2021 is a beautiful amalgamation of a bright splash of colour, woven with the most delicate craftsmanship. Showcasing peaches and honey in the air this sub-campaign is a canvas splattered with the hues of Spring. Be it the sweet smell of ice cream cones, buzzing bees, sticky candy floss or bright yellow flowers, Abhinav Mishra writes an ode to the abundance of spring, and the brilliant bounty of the new season. With iridescent mirror work, reflecting the dancing sun rays, the new line features effortless Indian silhouettes, enveloped by an aura of free-spirited glee.

Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, sister of the bride or even mother of the bride, 'Songs of Spring' collection is the colour palette of peaches, corals, oranges, mints and aquas that shouts spring romance, a soft melody of a love song, fresh and new, with reels of shimmering gota. Bold, young and free, paints an idyllic picture of Spring, surrounded by love and the everlasting bonds of friendship is something that describes Abhinav Mishra muse. With movement, light, and wild laughter, the millennial bride-to-be shimmers under the Spring sun, to the beat of the Spring Song.

3. 'Baraat' Spring Couture 2021: Chandni Raatein

Last but not least is the concluding chapter of Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture collection 2021 - 'Baraat'. This third sub-campaign launches with a beautiful message of celebratory aplomb and timeless love. Visualising the grand Indian wedding where the royal Baraat ceremony captures the moments of magical love Abhinav Mishra says "Baraat is a promise amid the incandescent lights and a commitment of eternal love, like the moon and stars. 

Like sparkling stars on a moonlit night, the baraatis make way for a night of grand celebration and a union of two souls. A mesmerising collection of lehengas, shararas, voluminous skirts with peplum tops and an array of embroidered kurtas for men. The majestic collection stands out through an ethereal colour palette of golds and ivories, intricately strewn with Abhinav Mishra's signature mirror-work. 

Speaking about 'Baraat' collection Abhinav Mishra said, "Thrilled to showcase the concluding chapter of our 3 special collections this spring. Baraat is a message of eternal love and romance, finding light in the darkness, finding that spark within. The message of love is unified across all our collections, Baraat is the ultimate commitment of love. I'm thrilled to share our stories through our collections and welcome all our patrons into this world of my imagination."

Final Words

We are definitely going head-over-heels on these brand new 3 sub-campaigns - 'Mir', 'Songs of Spring' & 'Baraat' from Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture Collection 2021. So, now all you have to do is head to their website or visit their stores to buy these BEAUTIES from his latest collection for your wedding celebrations. (Happy Shopping in advance!) 

Store Addresses: 

  1. The Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Foot Road, Chhatarpur, New Delhi, 110074
  2. Leela, 116-A, Ground Floor, Shahpur Jat, Siri Fort, New Delhi, 110049

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Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture Collection 2021 is a Blend of Love, Life & Romance! 

by Chandni Kumar

Abhinav Mishra's Spring Couture Collection 2021 is a Blend of Love, Life & Romance!