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We all know that every bride-to-be wants to look the finest on her big day. But to do so, just following naani maa ke gharelu nuske isn’t enough. There are truckloads of things that go into the making of a flawless bride and starts with series of pre-bridal sessions. Plus, these sessions are a great way to un-hassle and shed off all the tiredness pre-wedding

What Are Pre-Bridal Sessions?

Pre-bridal sessions are all about body cleaning, getting extra hair waxed, exfoliating skin, and even making sure your nails are glossed to perfection. A bride-to-be  should start these sessions at least 2 months prior to the wedding.

Certain sessions such as facials, laser treatments or any type of hair color and straightening also come under the umbrella of pre- bridal sessions. One should always take assistance of dermatologist to go ahead with these sessions. So indulge from top to bottom to bring out a stunning you!

Why Should A Bride Take These Sessions?

That tiny peach fluff just above your upper lip may not seem like a big deal in your daily routine, but you don’t want it showing in your wedding album. Therefore, pre-bridal treatments are extremely important to have a healthy and radiant skin on your wedding day and post-wedding too.

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Type Of Pre–Bridal Sessions 

There are a few basic sessions that we recommend for every bride-to-be (for your face, hair, and body etc) and then there are specialised sessions too that you can pick and choose according to your needs! 

Basic Sessions

Bleaching - No matter whether you have 2 or 3 months to your wedding, make sure a monthly bleaching session is included. The salon will offer different type of bleaches according to your skin type. If you have a summer wedding, surely go for a 03 Bleach, this will not only cool your face but also protect your skin from rashes and sensations. Winter wedding calls for a milk based bleach, which will not leave the skin dry. Brides who are are afraid of going for body wax can opt for body bleach but make it sure to have it in time to avoid any allergies and rashes on the skin.

Threading - One of the basic things a bride should always get done is eliminating unwanted hair on brows and upper lip for a cleaner look. This can be done in two ways one through thread and other one by wax on upper lips. The settings should be taken as per the growth cycle. The last session should be taken 4 days before the wedding functions.

Facial - If you have normal and dry skin, facial should be your best friend. This will cleanse the skin and improve the blood circulation and thus help in giving you a gorgeous glow. And, if you have oily skin, you can go for a treatment that includes deep cleansing. A good mask will work wonders for you as it will not remove excess oil but also shrink the pores and give a fresh and acne free skin.

Hair colour - It is advisable to go for the session 3 months before the wedding, as the colour takes a month or so to settle down. To try those bow inspired Pinterest hairstyles for your functions as well as post wedding should go ahead with global with different family colour streaks. 

Hair Spa- It is advisable to go for a hair spa because that not only cures dryness, frizziness and extract extra oil but will also be quite relaxing due to countless visits to the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk.

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Body Wax- Waxing is the most effective way to get a clean and a restored skin. There are 3 types of wax that a bride can go ahead with. First is normal wax, the other one is aloe vera wax which is best for oily skin as there is no room for acne on any part of your body. And the last one is chocolate wax which is good for dry skin as it will leave the skin well moisturized. Do get an appointment 4-5 days before the functions to ensure a hassle free process and also to avoid any allergy and red skin on your special day.

Body Spa/Massage - The ideal time to start with the session is 2 months prior to wedding. The best one is green tea and aromatherapy spa which is suitable for all types of skin. Go contact the nearest spa centres right away!

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Manicure - Most of the brides don’t give proper attention to hands. Just applying a fluorescent nail paint wouldn’t help in standing out of the crowd.  In manicures, proper cuticles are removed to make healthy looking nails. 

Pedicure - Feet are the most underrated part of the body and should be taken care of. Different type of pedicures helps in relaxing the muscles and keep you on toes while wedding planning. Should be done in every 15 days to get the desired results.

Specialised sessions

We decided to list some effective and specialised pre-bridal sessions for all soon-to-be brides plus when to get them done to maintain the glow even after roaming for hours and hours shopping. Read them here.

Where To Get These Sessions Done From?

ShaadiSaga suggests for salons keep a few things in mind before finalising on one. Always try to opt for a salon that comes recommended by a friend or a family member, someone who was very content with the services offered. Some key salons that give great deal on bridal packages are Affinity, Geetanjali, Looks, Lakme etc. You can also look out for home salon services such as UrbanClap and Vanitycube, if you have less time and need to relax at home.


#1 Drink plenty of water to make these sessions work wonders for you

#2  Prepare a draft of things that you want to get it done (not everything is meant for you)

#3 Do consult a dermatologist for acne and pigmentation skin, just don’t listen to parlour wali aunty and get any type of facial done. It will only be a temporary fixation

#4 No matter how much you love oily food, just forget them till your D-Day. Oily foods leads to hairloss and acne. Stick to that green diet to get a radiant skin

#5 Do get a haircut done after the straightening treatment

#6 Make sure you are in good hands. Do keep yourself updated with the products your hairstylist and salon expert is using

#7 Don’t go for crash diets that will take away the glow on your face. Just eat healthy and in regular intervals


A Bride’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Bridal Sessions

by Sanchita Sehgal

A Bride’s Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Bridal Sessions