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Symbolic of growth, harmony, and freshness—everything that’s important for marital bliss, 'green' is one of the most widely and hugely incorporated colors in weddings. The significance of this color in an Indian marriage primarily for an Indian bride stems from our traditions and has been followed through generations ever since. Brides have been dolling up in green bridal outfits or adorning jewellery with hints of green and of course, not to miss out on the deep green henna etched on her hands and feet.

Sticking not just to the bridal look we see a lot of green being incorporated in other facets of a wedding as well. With decor decked up in green elements or festooned with heavy ferns and foliage, grooms clad in green outfits or guests coordinating in hues of green, this color is breaking those unconventional barriers. Being your harbingers of unique and edgy trends, we’ve put up this blog to help you ideate your wedding around this color in a glam way!

Scroll through, take cues and embrace the vivacity of the color green at your wedding!

Ways & Ideas to Incorporate the Color Green in Your Wedding

In your Bridal Outfits

Brides have been incorporating the color green in their bridal outfits for decades now. Not just sticking to adorning green on their mehndi or adding a dash of this color with just a green dupatta or embroideries, brides have been straight away opting for a green lehenga for their d-day as well. And of course, you can too!


In your Bridal Jewellery

The best way to go about including this color in your jewellery is to either opt for pieces with emeralds or green meenakari work! Any jewellery piece done in gold, diamond, polki or kundan along with hints of green literally goes well with every outfit and matches or contrasts with every color perfectly.


For the Wedding Decor

The one particular aspect of weddings where the eminent use of Green is unmissable and it remarkably amps up the whole vibe is the wedding decor. From having green-themed mehndi with green drapes, tablescapes and floors to creating forests and wonderlands with lots of foliage & fresh flowers, the use of green is a given! Have a look at these decor photos. Believe us, your minds would be blown!

Source Pinterest

Source Rani Pink


In Groom Outfits

Be it nehru jackets, tuxedos or sherwani sets, grooms have been spotted looking dashing and class apart in varied shades of this color.

Source Gujral Sons


In Groom Accessories

Styling their decent and dapper outfits with malas, pocket squares and gorgeous bejeweled safa embellishments, men have undoubtedly redefined the groom accessorizing game! And the most popular color choice for this is green in the form of classic emeralds!

Source pinterest


By Coordinating Bride & Groom squads in Green

A very fun and popular way for an added personalized touch to your wedding is having your baraatis or the bride or groom gang coordinating their outfits or outfit colors. And well, why not go green?!


For Jaimalas

With so many new and unique jaimala designs and styles coming up every now and then, one style that’s super trendy and edgy is an all fern or foliage jaimala. Along with being lightweight and easy to carry, they look really elegant and gorgeous! And of course all green!


To Freshen up your Pre wedding Shoot

Smoke bombs are a crazy and fun way to add an edge to your photos with a pop of color and what better way than to have a green one?! Of course colors like blue, pink, red and yellow are great options too but, the freshness and brightness of green is simply exceptional!


How inspired are you and how are you incorporating this color in your wedding? Tell us now!

8 Superb Ways to add the freshness of Colour 'Green' in your Wedding

by Divya Arora

8 Superb Ways to add the freshness of Colour 'Green' in your Wedding