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While growing up, we all saw balloons at parties and celebrations and that’s why balloons are synonymous with happy moments for many people. And, now that we’ve all grown up, why not have that one element from our childhood days on the happiest day of our lives? By incorporating balloons at your wedding, not only are you doing something unique but are also making your wedding guests a feeling of nostalgia.

So, if you’re intrigued and would love to have balloons at your wedding, scroll below to read how you can incorporate this childhood element!

Here’s How You Can Have Balloons at your Wedding

Have Balloons Around the Seating Area

As unconventional as it sounds, you can and should have balloons around the seating area at your wedding function. Not only is it a fun element for all your guests but it looks really good as a decor element!

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Source Pinterest

How About Having Balloon Installations?

We’ve all seen balloon installations growing up. They are grand, and beautiful and make the perfect backdrop for photos. That’s why we recommend going with a balloon installation for your wedding function to amp up your decoration. Your guests will love this decor idea and will end up taking all their pictures around that area!

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Source Pinterest

Source Pinterest

Make Your Entry With Balloons

If you don’t wish to have balloons as a decor element at your wedding, we recommend making your entry with balloons. From holding balloons and entering to making your guests hold the balloons while you enter, there are so many cool ways you can enter with balloons and wow all your guests.

Scroll below and check out these real couples’ fabulous entries with balloons!

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Release Balloons in the Sky

Another great idea for having balloons at your wedding is simply to release them into the sky. This can be done while entering, after the varmala exchange ceremony, or mid-performance. Releasing balloons is fun and not very common, making it a must-do for your wedding functions.

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How are you planning on incorporating balloons at your wedding? Head to our Instagram page and tell us!

The Most Cute & Fun Ways To Add Balloons To Your Wedding!

by Shweghna Gursahaney

The Most Cute & Fun Ways To Add Balloons To Your Wedding!