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Every bride wants her wedding to be an Oh-so-perfect affair and to make it happen in real she puts in all the needed efforts. From deciding over the wedding venue, finalising the wedding outfit designer to rounding onto just the perfect photographer, she does it all it takes to make it all happen as she had fantasized.  

But while ticking all the primary things, she often misses on to some of the important tasks and ends up doing them in the last minute. And that’s what gives rise to wedding blues!

If you don’t want yourself chaotic at the last minute, here is a bunch of things you should NOT be doing a week before the D-Day:

1. Coloring your hair at the last moment

No matter how good your hairstylist is, experimenting with your hair color a week before the wedding is not a sane decision to make. You should give proper thought to it before making the move as you really can’t say whether the new hair color would suit your skin tone or compliment your wedding look. Experimenting is good but not at the last moment.

2. Getting a new haircut

Yes, we know how tempted you might have got after seeing Alia Bhatt sporting that new haircut. But this surely isn’t the right time for you to dive in for one. Getting your hair chopped days before your wedding will not only hamper the style and texture of your hair but also disturb the plans that you had made with your hairstylist about the wedding look.

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3. Go easy on the booze

During all the wedding fun and madness, go easy on the alcohol intake and enjoy the tipsiness. Over booze might result in hangover, restlessness and also more caloric intake. And we’re sure you wouldn’t wish to walk the aisle with that bulging tummy.

4. Having inadequate sleep

It’s completely normal to experience a mix of anxiousness and excitement when it is only days left until your wedding day. But don’t let it affect you to an extent where you have to start compromising with your sleep. Inadequate sleep will only make you feel even more lethargic during your wedding festivities. And the worst part, not sleeping enough would give you puffy eyes and who needs that when you’re a bride?!

5. Starting a new skincare regime

Girls can never have enough makeup. And when it comes to your own wedding, you just can’t stop asking for more. However, it is always suggested to not try any new makeup or skincare product days prior to your D-day. You never know what kind of allergies they may cause to your skin if a certain ingredient in it fails to suit your skin type. So for now, stick to your old stuff and do the exploring later!

6. Going out in the sun sans sunscreen

There are many girls who have a thing for that perfect tan, but it’s also that one thing they steer clear of when a wedding is around the corner. And the same should be the case with you before it happens to be your big day. So, everytime you are on the go, out in the sun, don’t forget to lather your skin with some good amount of sunscreen (which is high in SPF).

7. Last minute outfit pickups

Now that you have spent a hefty time struggling with your wedding outfit, don’t invest a lot of time in picking it up. Always keep in the loop with your designer and get all the alterations done on time. Collect all your outfits at least 10-15 days prior to your special day to avoid any sort of last-minute wedding planning panic.

7 Things Brides Should NOT Do a Week Before the Wedding

by Anupriya Khanna

7 Things Brides Should NOT Do a Week Before the Wedding