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Just a step away from being Miss to Mrs? Sure the taxonomy of emotions have already overtaken your mind. You might have worked through every nitty gritty to ensure nothing goes amiss. Though all other things are under control, something that is rather not much in control lands while you await your big day can be pretty dreadful.

Yes, we are talking about that time of the month which you absolutely hate, especially when that time also happens to be the most important time of your life.

Besides all the odds that periods play on your mood, you can really not afford to let it give you a bridezilla moment. Worry not ladies, we have got you some tips that will let you enjoy your big day without a mess. 

#1 Choose tampons over pads

Tampons are definitely a fuss-free option and give you the freedom of movement without worrying about the stains. Brownie points for discounting on the uncomfortable soaking feeling. Make sure you choose your tampon according to your period flow. 

#2 Ice away the period pimple

Besides bringing cranky mood and a lot of discomforts, periods also does not lag behind in leaving its marks pretty evident on our skin. Ice away your skin many times throughout the day to keep the inflammation and redness at bay! Keep organic tea tree oil handy and just apply a tiny bit of it a couple of times till the final moment and you'll see a significant change in redness.

#3 Style smartly to cover up the bloat!

Worked out vigorously to flaunt those abs on your wedding day? Sure your workout regime and figure flattering outfit had been fitness goals for the all the upcoming brides! But thanks to the period bloat, your otherwise toned tummy now looks, pretty swollen. But worry not ladies, use the power of styling as your magic wand and blow away the bloat!

Tip: Drape chunni in a way that it hides your tummy and cover-ups the bloat!

#4 High chowki seating over gaddi seating in mandap

Since you will be sitting straight for hours while the customs takes place, the seating has to be thoughtfully planned. Gaddi seating in the mandap setting can be a little uncomfortable on days like such! Ask your wedding decorator to provide a comfortable high rise chowki seating which makes the moment hasslefree. 

#5 Keep the painkillers handy

Period cramps can be such a mood killer. And tolerating pain at the time when you are already carrying a painful weight of lehenga double than your own body weight can be a tiff. Pop a painkiller before the madness takes over in case you would need it later.

#6 Hot water bag for the rescue

This might sound odd but you must keep a hot water bag handy at all times. Nothing gives a quick relief from period pain better than that. Assign your bridesmaids this task of keeping it with her throughout the function, in case you need it. 

Tip: An electric hot water bag can be much easier to carry and use. 

#7 Waterproof makeup for the over cranky mood

This is no news that jitters of big day and periods on top of it are bound to give you a mental breakdown. You might even shed a tear or two. Taking measures for the same, you must keep in mind to use only waterproof makeup, for you don’t want to mess up the work of your makeup artist.

Experienced periods on the day of your wedding? Share your experience with us in the comments below & help your fellow brides-to-be!

7 Quick Fixes If Your Periods Fall On The Wedding Day

by Simran Keswani

7 Quick Fixes If Your Periods Fall On The Wedding Day