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Have you been dreaming of a perfect honeymoon since you were a little girl? Have you watched every single Yash Raj movie in the hopes of them turning into a reality? If yes, then you are definitely in for trouble.

Honeymoon diaries are not as surreal as many of us believe it to be. No matter how much love you share with your partner, if you don’t adhere to the protocols, no amount of planning can guarantee a perfect holiday. Here’s a list of a few conversations you must avoid while on your honeymoon to keep some trouble at bay:

1. Don’t bring up your past

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No sensible person would want to destroy a perfect honeymoon by talking about their past. It might be different when you were unmarried but now that you have decided to begin a new life, it is irrelevant to bring your ex up. Don't even drop a casual remark on your or his past. It's a definite no-no!

2. Never discuss the Odds about your wedding 

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Don't discuss what went wrong at the wedding from his or your end. No matter how tempted you are to make a remark or make fun of his extended family, restrain yourself. If your partner does the same, withhold yourself from answering back.

3. Don’t complain about the choice of destination

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It doesn’t matter who has done the bookings if the restaurant, hotel or destination is not as per your expectations, there is no point crying over spilled milk. Remember, it is more about the company and not the place.

4. Plan the itinerary together

We understand that it's your honeymoon and you are overly excited about making the most of it. It’s understandable to want to experience the theatre, museum or adventurelands, but don't forget to discuss these ideas with your partner before you finalize anything. While you may be up for a lot, it’s quite possible that it may not be his choice of game.

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5. Keep talks of the future for sleepless nights

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This holiday will be your first breather after the long wedding. It will be a better idea to refrain yourself from initiating conversations that talk about your future, no matter how tempted you are too. Especially the baby talk, leave that topic of debate for the rishtedaars, please. It not only kills the vibe but it just might be a mood spoiler too.

6. Never force him to put your pictures on his social media accounts

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It’s absolutely okay for your husband is not so social media friendly. Just because he hasn't uploaded the pictures of your wedding on his facebook, doesn't mean he loves you any less. Also, it could mean that he is more interested in you than his facebook friends.

7. Don’t pester him to click your pictures

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Okay girls, reality check! Your husband is not your girlfriend who will patiently take your pictures when the light gets better and nor is he your designated photographer from the wedding. If he is agreeing to take a few shots of you, he has out proven himself already. Exploit the selfie camera or make the selfie stick your new best friend.

A perfect honeymoon is a great start to your married life. Make sure you make memories worth cherishing a lifetime by following these simple rules.

What mistakes have you made while on your honeymoon? Share with us in the comments below!

7 Kind of Conversations to avoid while on your Honeymoon

by Surbhi Gupta

7 Kind of Conversations to avoid while on your Honeymoon