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Deciding upon a life partner whom you're going to share your life with is a crucial step and obviously needs much thought and heart to it. And once that’s done, comes the next big phase—the wedding planning!

With a ton of preparations and responsibilities to take care of, shopping to do and relatives to cater to, the hubby and wifey to-be might find it difficult to spend some quality time with each other. Sufficing with only “a little lunch here and a quick coffee there” kinda dates becomes really annoying because all that wedding planning leaves no time for the couples to unwind together. Moreso, if you’re in an arranged setup, boy it’s essential that you two really get to know each other and bond well before stepping into your marital haven!

So fret not, we've got some great ideas that would help you two come a little closer and bond well without causing a hindrance in any of your wedding preps. Just a little time out that's planned well and you’re good to go! Read on to know how!

Ways to Bond Together Before the Wedding

1. Learn a new dance style together and show it off at your sangeet.

From the crazy awesomeness of Hip-Hop or Bhangra to the sensual Salsa or Bachata, suit yourself and learn some new dance moves. It’s like they say, dancing brings you closer and well, who wouldn’t want that, right? Also, don’t forget to surprise your guests with a smashing performance on your sangeet. *such Kal Ho Na Ho movie feels*

2. How about getting fit together?

Fitness freak or not, a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle are essential and well what better way than to start together? Opt for some fun yoga or Zumba fitness classes (and then go munch on those unhealthy snacks together :P)

3. Volunteer for a cause!

Start your new life together with a dose of goodness and volunteer for a social cause that you both commonly strike a chord at. Enjoying with underprivileged children, feeding the poor or taking care of stray and abandoned animals, being a part of such activities would not only be a help to those who need but, would also make you two more aware about each other’s heart and soul.

4. Create a bucket list and tick it all off.

This one is a super fun and happening way to bond over with your to-be based on your likes and dislikes. Prepare a bucket list of the fun things & activities you both want to do, places you want to see, foods and hobbies you want to try, pranks you want to play etc., and go get completing the list. Believe us, it is going to be one exciting adventure and will give you more insight about your partner’s fun side. And well, don’t stop right there! Keep adding and ticking-off more and more to-dos for as long as you want.

5. Join a cooking or baking crash course.

Master your cooking and baking skills or learn this art altogether; just go for this and you really won’t regret the time you spent. Bonding over food and sharing your love for it is probably one of the best ways and learning to cook is obviously going to help you throughout your life. Learn some new dishes and desserts, try some exotic continental cuisines and satisfy your taste-buds and hearts!

6. Shop for your wedding together!

We know this isn’t something new but, it is too essential to be missed and not be listed here. You all know the wedding shopping part is already an exciting phase of the whole wedding, then imagine doing it with your to-be. This is a great way of adhering to your responsibilities and spending time with each other along with.

7. Get a destination pre-wedding shoot!

Who doesn’t like a mini vacation now, right? And opting for a destination pre-wedding is a great way to spend some real quality time with your beloved. A dreamy location, mushy and lovey-dovey shots for your photo album and a lot of time away from the world—a perfect romantic getaway, isn’t it?


How are you bonding with your to-be lifetime partners? Share with us in the comments!

7 Cutesy ways to spend quality time with your Partner Before the Wedding

by Divya Arora

7 Cutesy ways to spend quality time with your Partner Before the Wedding